Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swiffer nearly "did in" the skinny white dog...

I have many times warned Harvey and Pearl that they are not even allowed to think about dying until they are at least 30...human years old. :-) I have told them that if they even TRY to do it before then, I will hang them upside down like a human baby and slap their butt or rush them to the vet and let him stick probes up them, and down them, in attempts to prolong their lives. Well as usual Pearl decided to test my seriousness on this issue. For 32 hours her life hovered precariously. After two trips to the emergency vet hospital we figured out it was the Swiffer than almost did her in. She had an Acute Respiratory Allergic Reaction to Chemicals. The good part is that because I am in an RV I knew almost immediately what I had brought into it that was different than before. So I put them in the truck and scrubbed the floor with soap and rinsed it with vinegar and no problems since. Afterwards, I went on the internet to do a little research to see if anyone else had this problem and there were tons of stories of peoples' pets that had died or had convulsions after walking on a floor that had been swept with a swiffer or washed with the swiffer mop. It just never occured to me that the chemicals would be that strong. Some animals can handle it, like Harvey the hearty one, but others like Pearl the "I'm ready to die at a moments notice" type can't. Apparently the chemicals cause severe liver damage in dogs and cats. The good part about all this is, that the squirrelly-butt is healing now and should be back to her old naughty self soon. I am exhausted for not sleeping for 32 hours but will catch up today. Oh yes, this is my moment to remind everyone with pets to get pet insurance before traveling. I use PETSBEST.COM. Otherwise at this moment I would have big tears rolling into the coffee cup. :-/

Anyways, the weather is looking good these days. Quite cold though. Meetings and service have been great. A little excitement there too - Tracey had to save a brother outside the Kingdom Hall on Sunday. She has her Red Cross certification and a brother appeared to be having a stroke with his young son with him. Anyways, she was able to do what was necessary. I told her other than the obvious benefits of her taking her six munchkins to the meetings every week, that brother will probably be extra thankful she goes to all the effort.

Okay, have a wonderful week! Love ya, d :-)


  1. Hello,

    I found this blog by chance.
    I went sometimes in Korea (Seoul / Suwon). I'm looking for Kingdom Halls.

    Thanks in advance

  2. If you want to find a Kingdom Hall it is really easy in Suwon. Just call or text Angela Ahn and she can get you there no problem: 821191113916 or Matt 821098527013. :-)