Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zip Down, Zip Up

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Well, since I will be staying in Kelowna this year I had to run down to the desert and get my RV, just a quick down for a few days, and back up. It has gone well so far. We took off on Friday night. I decided to go down the 97 for a change, so the first night we stayed at a MOTEL 6 in Wenatchee. Pearl as usual had to give me heart attack right off the bat. I was giving them something called CHICKEN TENDER STRIPS for treats. On Friday night I was looking at them thinking "these things really aren't that tender...I wonder if they could ever hurt a dog???" Well, when we woke up on Saturday morning I tossed Harvey and Pearl each one, suddenly Pearl was struggling as one had speared her through the top of her mouth and blood was spurting out all over the sheets as she was crying and struggling to get it out. Meanwhile I was racing to put my clothes on to rush her to the vet. I had instant mental replay of my time in Korea where the item dislodged as I was running with a limp Pearl down the street. The bumping of the running obviously worked liked a heimlich. Anyway, she got it out but it was very scary...and now they are no longer allowed to have CHICKEN TENDERS...rather CHICKEN SPEARS for treats.

After going down the 97 though I think it is nice to do it once to see the scenery, but the I-5 is what I prefer. I didn't like having to slow down to 25 miles per hour to go through towns, and often I was the only one driving on long lonely stretches of road which made me feel a bit uneasy if I broke down or something.

Being down here we have hit the hottest stretch this summer - 114 yesterday and 117 today. But we are taking off this morning so hopefully will be out of it by lunch - even though I really do like the heat. I got the motorcycle in the back of truck. Tried several methods but was able to find two gentlemen on the street looking for work and paid them to put it in for me. It was fast and easy. Now off to the storage unit this morning to get the trailer.

Even though we have been out for some good walks while down here early early in the morning before the sun gets hot, I think Harvey and Pearl will be glad to be where it is a bit cooler. We went around the block last night and Pearl just stop and planted herself and wouldn't go further, so I picked her up and carried her. Even cold water in a dish in front of her wasn't even enough to coax her.

Well, better run to get the truck packed. Been staying at the MOTEL 6 downtown here. It is an awesome deal I think. During the summer months it is only $41 per night (45 in winter), and IMMACULATE. And each time I stay here Harvey and Pearl are treated so good. Anyway, for pet lovers it really is a great lodging place.

Okay, love to everyone. :-)

d :-)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rolling With The Punches

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Hope you all are having a great summer. Things are going good here. I am in Kelowna. A lot has happened over the last five weeks. Haven't written as there has been SO much happening that writing hasn't really been on my mind. As I mentioned the summer assembly was excellent and then following that I house/dog sat for mom and dad as they went to Dawson Creek. Then Justin and Mel, Tyler and Janelle, and the rest of the family got together and stayed at mom and dad's house for a week. We all had SUCH a good time. Really really great to see everyone. I am still slowly but surely practicing my Spanish. Felt further inspired last night when I was talking to a sister at the beach. Her and her husband were asked by Bethel to move to Kelowna to help with the Spanish because of the work needing to be done here. She says it has really been excellent in response - so now I have to keep working at it. :-) I am going to stay in Kelowna longer than planned. When I first arrived it was just summer holiday, but about 10 days after arriving my teaching company in Korea started having financial problems and it has become quite unstable for work. I prayed about it, because basically Jehovah knows what I need...most importantly FOOD...and He came through. The college here advertised for a teacher so I called them and was hired. Teaching uni students and loving it. Seems like really nice staff who really care about their work and helping other people reach their other goals in life besides just work...mine being spiritual. So I am very thankful. And at this time it is only 4.5 days week and can be adjusted down when the time is right. I can't recommend enough praying to Jehovah about EVERYTHING going on in your life because when I person does, somehow things just work out better. :-) Harvey and Pearl are doing excellent. I was just commenting to mom and dad about Harvey's fur right now. He has struggled with terrible skin his whole life despite only eating the best food, but for whatever reason his fur is thick with good skin right that has been an extra bonus to being here. My biggest challenge is getting to know everyone in the hall. I am glad I am supporting the Spanish because a small room of people is a lot easier. However, I have to say this congregation does have a tradition that is really nice for getting to know the brothers and sisters and bringing the congregation closer together - every Friday night they meet at the same beach with all their lawn chairs and bbqs and just hang out. They do it rain or shine. And I can personally say I know they do it in the not so good weather too because last night it was so windy and the waves were SO high it was like a "Jesus walking on the water" evening - waves were flinging the docks up, and the kids could practically surf the waves, but the barbecues and lawn chairs were still out. Really nice. Anyway, when life throws curve balls I have learned you can either break down and cry and lament about it, or put your chin to the wind and just make something just as good or better happen...and that is what I plan to do. :-)

Right now I am hosting two young Korean boys for a camp so today we are off to the Kettle Valley Railway for riding. Mom and Dad have been fabulous about taking them to see and do things too, so when they go home they should have so many good memories. Okay, everyone have a really great week...or month...depending how soon I write again. :-)

love to all,
d :-)