Saturday, February 28, 2015

Raptor Trail

Hey hi everyone :-)

After service today we headed over to Raptor Trail.  Beautiful and quiet - only met one other hiker the entire time.

In one section the ground brush is bright red - must be a spring thing.
Harvey and Otto LOVE hiking.

On the North Side of the hike you have to use ATV trails at some points.

Beautiful views of Wood Lake.

Pearl did great - didn't need to be picked up at all.

Have a great weekend!  Love to all, d H&P...and O

Monday, February 23, 2015

Kekuli Provincial Park

Hey hi everyone :-)

Thought I would show you a couple pics of our walk around Kekuli Provincial Park.  I have driven past it many times on the way to the assembly hall in Vernon so when I got a day off last Friday I threw the dogs in the truck and headed out there.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  The walking trails are fabulous and the campsites are situated with a view of the lake and mountains no matter where you are.  I think I will plan a few days out there with the RV this year.

All the campsites are so spacious.  Many parks now are so close together you feel like you are on top of one another, but these were wide with a view.  No utilities though so it is strictly battery only.  There are four with power down the hill...but who wants that. :-b view.
The hiking trails were rustic yet well groomed.  Benches along the way for a rest if needed.

Pearl in her trusty pink winter sweater.

Absolute perfect hiking for the dogs...and me. :-)

Otto and Harvey taking a snooze after getting home.

Everything has been good here.  The next day we did another hike but I forgot the camera.  I have made a list of ones I want to do now that it is Spring.

Pups are doing good.  Otto gave me a scare last night.  He has a bit of heart failure happening so he has to clear his tubes sometimes - usually doesn't have to do it until he wakes up in the morning.  ...He and Harvey have the cockroach style sleeping method generally mastered: flat and stealth - you don't know they are there til morning.  However last night at 2am I heard him start to clear his tubes but started having trouble.  He started to panic and fell and couldn't get his legs under him, so I leapt outta bed grabbed his chest and got him up.  It worked. Gave him a little shoulder massage for a few minutes and he was good to go.  Crawled back into bed and no more problems. 

Anyway, off to work now, so everyone have a great week!

Love to all,
d  :-)

Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Is Off To a Snowy Start

Hey hi everyone! :-)

February blew in with wind and snow today.  Cold but beautiful.  Went walking with the dogs and watched the snow fall around us.

I am pup-sitting for my mom and dad while they are in the Desert for 3 months, so here is their baby all tucked in and ready to sleep for the night.

Have a wonderful first week of February!  Love to all, d  :-)