Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Oregon Coast Was Just Wonderful!

Hey hi everyone! :-)

Everything is going just great here.  We got back from tenting on the Oregon Coast a few days ago.  Couldn't have gone better.  We took off from Kelowna on a Friday morning and drove down to Lake Chelan.  It was just beautiful - crystal blue water and hot hot weather.  Totally loved it and would go there again.  It was hot all the way through Oregon and only dropped down to the 70s once we hit Nehelem Bay.  Beautiful State campground.  Economical, but a fabulous place to stay.  Free entertainment for everyone in the park in the evenings, and a free junior ranger program each day for the kids.  It also had paved roads for the kids to ride their bikes, and endless beach for walking.  I got up early in the mornings and walked Harvey and Pearl way down the beach.  Pearly got so tired that I had to carry her back in her little pack.  Mom and Dad, and Mike and Marcelle and their kids, Jack and Paulina and their kids and Sabrina and her kids were there so there was tons of association for everyone.

We took off from there the following Friday and drove to Seattle then did shopping on Saturday and drove straight through and arrived late Saturday night in Kelowna.  Couldn't have been a better trip.  :-)

We have a new addition around our place too.  A young guy, eight years old is living with us.  His mother has some health problems so he will stay with us.  So in our pictures you will see lots of him.  Harvey and him have become close buddies and now Harvey is in heaven to have someone that will brush him and rub his tummy 20 times a day.  Pearl is not really the play type but she likes him too, and watches intently as him and Harvey play ball together.  And actually it worked out well camping because him and Harvey could be lazy bones together and sleep an extra hour in the tent in the mornings while Pearl and I went and chatted with mom and dad over coffee in their RV.  Anyway, there are lots of pics to come but the only ones I have downloaded so far are of Christopher doing things.  The ones of Harvey and Pearl are trapped in my camera still with the dead battery holding them hostage.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the ones below as I think they will give you a peek at the scenery we saw.  Jehovah certainly has created some beautiful landscapes. :-)

Love to all
d  :-)

Christopher riding his bike on the trails.   He has become quite the mast bike rider.  Nothing can slow him down.

Christopher and Liam burying themselves in sand.

Christopher floating on a log in the ocean at sunset.

Jack wave jumping with all the kids.

The beautiful trail that led to our campground through the sand dunes.