Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Hey hi everyone!  :-)

Here is a little update on the big storm that went through this week.  We haven't had this much snow at one time since I have lived here. So a few photos to show you what's up with us:
Mom and Dad are in Palm Springs for the winter so I thought I would clean their patio for them.  I tried but it was just too much.  I told Dad just to pray for a heat wave to come.

Otto, whom I am dog-sitting for 3 months, and Harvey are slow waker-uppers in the morning.

Otto, trying out the new dog path that I carved.

Pearl, surveying the room, making sure all of us are behaving ourselves.

Otto and Harvey are so funny.  I got up from teaching online this morning and found those two had cuddled themselves into a chair behind me.

Stylish babe alert.  I'll tell you, the most ravishing part of the outfit is a neon lime green touque I bough at the hospital auxilliary for $1

I decided that since the snow was over the pups' heads that I should carve a path down the hill for them.  I wish I could have had a camera as it was me with snow up to the top of my legs with the three of them following behind as I pushed through.

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a fun winter too!  Love to all, from Darci, Harvey, Pearl & Otto.