Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Precious Gift

I watched this with my Writing and Discussion Class this morning. There have been a few really good ones we have seen lately, but I could totally relate to everything she said because of when I had my operation. The only thing is my gift cost almost $100,000...guess that means it was that much more precious. :-)'s all perspective :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

d :-)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Got Here...Alive :-)

For the last 10 days I have been keenly watching the weather forecast so that I could start riding my motorcycle back and forth to work. Well last night I decided that today would be the day as gave me an hour by hour blow of what to expect...and rain or snow was not in the forecast. So this morning I rolled out of bed, threw my gear on, including a balaclava I got from Mark's Work WearWorld the other day. All the forums say that riding in cold temps a person has to be aware of frostbite more than anything. Other than this the next most important item I put on was a winter jacket someone gave me in Korea - 80% duck down, and best of all neon lime green yellow. I suspect that is why they were so keen to give it away. However, when you ride a motorcycle, glamorous styling comes second to visibility. :-/

Anyway, most everything went as expected. My teeth chattered a bit when I saw a logging truck come up behind me, but then when he saw I go the speed limit he passed so that was just fine with me. So now hopefully I can keep it up until next November when the snow comes again. I absolutely love riding. You smell everything as you pass, and see everything even moreso than driving because your eyes are darting around more. A friend of mine who is moving back here from China after several years was talking to me last week saying that he was REALLY worried about coming to North America because of the high price of fuel. He was saying he was wondering if people would think him and his wife are losers for riding their motorcycles everywhere. I told him that if you retain the same thinking as Asia and don't let other peoples' expectations get to you then you can keep riding your bike or scooter here no problem. I don't think him and his wife will have a problem with that. They seemed determined so that they can keep pioneering. And really, it totally helps with keeping ones cost of living reasonable. :-) I have been totally fortunate in my life to have great people in the congregations I have attended for the last 7 years. In California, when I arrived at the hall, I would just slip into the bathroom, slip off the gear and on with the dress and heels, throw the bag and helmet in the broom closet, and that was it. The brothers were TOTALLY supportive. For morning service they knew I would need two minutes in the bathroom to do my transformation so they always had their key ready for the hall even if the group was meeting outside. A few other brothers bought bikes after they saw mine and did the same thing. I guess everyone likes to save money. :-) Also, just great, great, people in the hall down there, (really miss them sometimes) but I am sure there will be the same type of brothers and sisters in this hall too. :-)

Well, I gotta run. I have attached a few pictures of my new place so everyone can see where to come and visit. Will be all fenced in so Harvey and Pearl have their own little yard. Totally feel taken care of by Jehovah God.

Love to all,
d :-)