Friday, December 2, 2011

Another First

As you all know I am walking to the highway now, and carpooling in the mornings and then taking the bus home at night then walking to my place. The exercise is awesome, but I had something odd happen today. After speed walking to the highway, I flopped on the bench to catch my breath. I looked down the highway and there was a large black and white border collie running fast along the highway. Just as it got to me it hopped up on my lap and laid its head on my chest, like he was FINALLY home. Dara wasn't there yet, so I looked in all directions to make sure there wasn't a car accident, and to try and figure out how he got to me. No a person in sight. But he had a beautiful collar on and personal and SPCA tags so he was obviously well taken care of. Anyway, when Dara arrived I convinced her to take him to my office with me. I ran in at the speed of light, pushed him through the door, and asked them to make the appropriate phone calls. After work, I checked and it turned out he lives way far away in OYAMA. His owners couldn't figure out how he got to us. Anyway, glad the guy could get back home. I kinda thought maybe he fell out of a truck or car or something. :-/

Here is a pic of Harvey this morning. He is sooooo cute. I turn on the electric blanket on the couch in the mornings so they can snuggle as I read. But Harve turned over, put his head on the pillow and just thought he had it made with the electric blanket on his stomach.

Everyone have a great weekend. :-)

Love to all,