Saturday, June 23, 2018

Au revoir Lauren

Today, our congregation is celebrating Lauren's move.  If I were to describe this person I would say: A faithful, loyal servant of Jehovah God, and a true, close follower of Jesus Christ.  Someone who often silently works behind the scenes in the congregation using her own time, talents and resources to bring joy to the young and older ones in the congregation, and her family.  Genuine from the heart.  A hard worker who has prepared herself to carry her own load in life despite obstacles, while leaning on Jehovah for guidance.  A service partner who will not complain no matter hhhooowww cold it gets, or how far she has to drag a cart on blustery days.   Someone who always responds with class and graciousness.  Never seeking the spotlight.  Kind to a fault.  Fun and upbuilding to be around.  Thankful to her parents.  Humble and can sew ravishing outfits from very little.  Modest.  Gentle.  A ready smile for all.  Wonderful note-taker at conventions.  ....It will be so exciting to see her take all these qualities and the other fine training she has received from her parents on to her new congregation in France.  Tim and Tanya, with Jehovah God's oversight, aimed their arrow, and did a fine job.  What a beautiful daughter and person they produced.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Little Tweaks

Welcome to my blog!  Been quite some time since I wrote but since I am often too wordy for things like Instagram thought it easier to post things going on here, because there IS ALWAYS a story. 😀  Okay, so here is the service-mobile for this year up north.  Tried it out last weekend and everything worked as planned.  Got the solar panels on the roof, installed fantastic fan so we dont roast toast and grissel ourselves in hot weather, built the deck with wood stripping so light weight and not hot for Harvey and Pearl's feet (and lots of storage underneath)  Notice this cool thing.  See the small cargo door above the deck????  Well it opens and goes to a doggy door I put under the table on the inside so the squirts can run in and out at will...thus making it easier for them to annoy everyone with complete freedom!  Oh...can't forget the awning, and have an idea to make a kayak holder on the side. Gotta have a little fun after service up there! 🙌  Last year, some of the others brought their kayaks so this year I wanna join in too. 😀  Mind you Harvey and Pearl will just watch from their deck as they, and I, are both done with them kayaking.  In reality it always seemed like such a torment for all of us. 😕  "Mommy mommy please don't grab my tail as I swim for shore."  Lastly, got the bear extender up for wifi so I can get reception.  Anyway, all worked last weekend and now ready for the Regional convention in two weeks.  If the first come first serve campground the brothers recommended is all full by the time I get there No Biggy as we will be happy in the Walmart too.  Anyways, everyone have a great weekend!  Love to all,

Darci, Harvey & Pearl

Thursday, November 2, 2017

And Everybody Cheered!

Today at the school we had an assembly.  The Principal through open the doors and everybody cheered because the snow was falling.  It was wonderful to hear the kids...and adults so excited about the snow arriving.  Somehow pictures of falling snow are so hard to capture.  Right now, even though this pic doesn't show it well, the snow is falling heavy.  The dog pen cover is holding its own - yayyyyy!  Next year I will get the backyard fenced in, but right now I am just happy to have a nice lounging pen for Harvey and Pearl.  Tomorrow is service in morning, so hopefully the snow will lighten up for that, but other than that I don't care.  Feel ready.  Got the snow tires on. :-)

Love to all,
D, H &P

Monday, April 10, 2017

Talk Practice For Thursday Night

If you want to see the 'for real' version with Lauren as the householder instead of Harvey you will have to be at our meeting this week. :-)  Hopefully she will be more captivated with my delivery. :-)

Love to all,
Darci, Harvey & Pearl

Monday, February 13, 2017

North We Go!

Hey hi everyone,

My niece Lauren and I have been invited to join a team doing unassigned territory this August up north.  We are so thankful to Jehovah, and VERY excited about it.  Other than helping to build a Kingdom Hall in Alaska many years ago, I haven't been this far north in Canada before so it will be an excellent adventure all the way around.  And of course our fearless pioneer pups will be joining us too!  They can ride shotgun in the backseat while we go about our service duties, (barking at much bigger dogs and making friends with any people that want to lean into the windows. :-))  Anyway, GPS says it is an 19 hour drive north from here, so should have lots of beautiful country to see along the way.  If you know anyone else serving up that direction this summer let us know, as maybe our paths can cross along the way.  Here are some pics of what we can expect:
 Campground booked for the team.
 Long hitchhikers chair.
 Husky country.
 BIG lakes.
 Service Break
 Lots of sand.
 On the road in service.
Tanning a hide.

Can't wait!  Love to all, D,H&P

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Hey hi everyone,  :-)

It was absolutely beautiful this morning as I had Harvey and Pearl out doing their morning walk.  Tons of snow coming down, no cars on the road, no snow plows either, but just walking under the early morning stars.

It may be pretty but we are in countdown mode for going away.  Looking forward to service with friends in a warmer climate for a bit.  And by the time we get back all this white stuff will be gone.  Yayyyyyyy!!!!  ...anyway, that is the plan. :-)

Everyone have a great weekend! :-)

Love to all,
d, H & P

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

So interesting!

While travelling, I have met several people that are into that new POKEMON GO game.  Then there was one sister who decided to do research on the game before allowing her son to play.  The article she found that explains the background of the game is just excellent...and astounding.  I had no idea, and it is just another example of how Satan uses something that looks innocent to weasle his way into our lives.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The Chipmunk Marshall and a Storm to Remember

We have nick-named Harvey, The Chipmunk Marshall.  He stands on guard watching for them obsessively.  You call his name, nothing.  Just a blank stare out the window or back of truck.

Last night we can a storm with hurricane level winds go through the area.  Crazy.  Hadn't seen wind or rain like that since the hurricane when I lived in Taiwan.  Sideways trees.  Got up this morning and a couple of the RVs in the park had mangled awnings.  I heard a weird noise so told Anastasia to stay inside the truck with the pups and not come out no matter what.  When I popped my head out our canopy was completely gone but dangling by one leg that I had tied to the picnic table earlier in the day.  Rather than take a chance of it flipping back and hitting us and the truck I decided to go out and release the leg.  Picture me holding onto the picnic table with my legs almost off the ground.  Totally under estimated the wind.  Anyway, released the rope and struggled back into canopy.  After last night Anastasia got the FULL adventure of camping.  It was a night to remember. 

Today we are staying one more day at Milton Heights Campground and then tomorrow morning off to Niagara Falls for the morning then heading down to Brenda's and getting there in the evening.

Love to all,

from the Chipmunk Marshall's mom

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Across Canada We Go!

I am so thankful that we are having such a great trip.  It was cold when we first crossed into Alberta during the night, so I used the heater for that night, but since then it has been nice and warm, and now we are into an intense heat wave in central/south Ontario.  Today was 95F as we pulled into Halton Hills.  But everything has worked out perfect.  The one variable that I was stressing about in the back of my mind was: how are we going to tour Bethel if it is really hot.  I had a couple ideas in mind: 1) let Anastasia go on the tour while I pup sit...or....  I hadn't figured out the other plan yet.  Anyway, all was solved when we got to the gate at Bethel.  I started talking to the gate attendant and it was suggested that I come early for our 8am tour, set up the truck tent in the corner of the parking lot for the dogs to sit in while we tour so that they can go in and out with the pen.  Perfect idea!  So we are at a wonderful campground that the brother suggested: MILTON HEIGHTS CAMPGROUND, and then we will get there early, set up and go on the tour.  

The campground is fabulous.  Beautiful pool, playground, grassy lots, power/water/ RV section and tenting section.  It is $40 per night, but that is much more reasonable than a hotel and the pups are welcome.  

Today, as we were leaving the Bethel parking lot I noticed literal gushing of water from the side of my engine.  My heart sank.  However, the gate attendant told to go to the garage around the corner in Georgetown because they have helped them out a lot.  I was so worried but the man who came out to take a look just said it was the AC unloading itself because of the humidity.  Heart lifted!  

Anyway, I think we will stay here a few days.  Tomorrow for Bethel, Friday Niagara Falls, then Saturday we are heading down to Windsor to stay with Brenda and get some good visiting, service and meetings in.

Cute moments with Anastasia so far:

1)  We were driving through Crows Nest Pass and we stopped at a nice rest area.  Anastasia had to use the bathroom.  When she comes out she says: aunti, I just used the most DISGUSTING toilet I have ever seen!  There is a regular toilet in there, but there is no pipe.  There is just a sewer beneath it!  Me:  " just described what an outhouse is.  We have those in Canada where it is more remote. "  

2)  I sent her to the garbage can to dispose of some stuff.  She comes back screaming with tears telling me there is a hand sticking out of the container.  :-/  Really....     I go take a look and it is a baby raccoon.  I ordered her back to take a second look with me to prove nothing creepy was going on.  When I opened the lid and she could see the baby then she got a big smile.

Anyway, the trip is everything I imagined and more.  Looking so forward to seeing my friends and working in service with them and seeing their lives in this part of the country.  The prairies were spectacular, Ontario is littered with gorgeous antique towns with homes from the previous turn of the century, and camping and driving to see it all is just wonderful.  Hit the 2600 mile mark this morning.  Can't hardly wait for Bethel tomorrow!

love to all!  d  :-)