Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is Very Different in Mexico Than It Used To Be

I thought I would show some pictures that show how Americanized Mexico has become consumer-wise through the years. The culture is very different of course, and that is wonderful, but it is also nice to have some very familiar stores to go to when a person just wants to find something quickly that they know they would find back in their home country. Here are the three big ones in town here, and there is also an ACE Hardware, and a store called Soriana - which is actually a Mexican chain but a person can easily find anything there, and I guess I can't leave out MEGA then either. I was asking a sister when we were out the other day where the best place to food shop is in town from a Mexican standpoint, for prices and selection, and she said her family and friends all go to Walmart. I thought maybe she would tell me small shops, so I was a bit surprized. However, she did say that for vegetables and fruits the absolute best place is the huge outdoor market.
The meetings this weekend have been great. One point that was highlighted on Friday night that I think was really good is what was brought out about the label Christian - many people nowadays have called themselves Christian because they think that Christian means someone that believes in Christ, but in reality it means a person that follows Christs ways and lives by his standards that he taught. I thought this was very good food for thought. It actually reminded me of a HOUSE episode I was watching this week, where there was a woman who called herself a vegetarian...but she ate meat. :-/ She was asked how she could refer to herself as a vegetarian and eat meat, but she wanted to be one so badly that she ignored the fact that she wasn't living by the true definition of what one is. ...and another point I found fascinating was extra research by a couple of the brothers. In the scriptures, God says to withstand trials he will make a person like a copper gate. :-/ Mmm...why not gold or diamond chiseled? Well it turns out that copper is one of the few metals that actually is extremely difficult to penetrate because when it gets hit by heated items it doesn't puncture easily or get hot and melt but rather absorbs the heat (guess that's why it is used for making pots and pans for cooking), so that is why it was used as a protective metal in ancient times. So what Jehovah God was saying is that you will be like a copper gate and when you get hit by hot items of life and are under attack you will be able to figurately be just like a copper gate - if we make him our refuge. I thought that was extremely interesting.
Anyway, I am sure everyone else had great meetings too. :-) Have a wonderful week.
d :-)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

$74 From Phoenix and The Misting System

I thought this was interesting information for anyone that wants to come visit. Apparently Phoenix is the cheapest airport to fly into for travel this direction. THEN there is a shuttle that does door-to-door delivery to Hermosillo for only $74. I thought that is was a fantastic price because years ago in Vancouver I used to pay almost $50 for the shuttle from Burnaby to Vancouver airport. Anyway keep it in mind, the ones I have talked to that have used it says that it is great service.

Today I spent the afternoon installing my misting system. Before moving here I was worried about how Harvey and Pearl would cope in the 50 degree celsius heat of the summer months, then I read on line of a dog breeder in Arizona that uses a misting system to keep her dogs cool through the summer. Sounded like a good idea to me, so after lots of research reading consumer reviews of misting systems, I bought the Ocean Breeze brand from Amazon for $20. It installed very easy but I will give you some tips. At first, I thought it would make it even more effective if I had all the misters facing the same direction inward - seemed like a good idea at the moment until I turned it on and immediately the patio area became exactly like a Korean sauna with mist so thick you could cut it - nice and cool mist albeit - but too thick for enjoyment...more like a VERY misty day in Vancouver - except you'd need to wear goggles and a windbreaker. :-/ After tinkering with things I figured out that the misters should be actually facing away from the intended cooling victim, and a person should buy one of those two headed faucet thingys so that the regular hose goes one direction and the one serving the mister can be turned to minimal water feed to control the amount of mist coming out. Now that it is done though I think we are ready for the 35 celsius heat predicted for later this week.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Love to everyone,

d :-)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mexico Is Turning Pearl Into A Dare Devil

Service was absolutely fantastic this morning. Worked with a young sister named Karina. She owns a candy shop in town here. We worked a territory not far from the Kingdom Hall which has a vet hospital. It worked out nicely that the vet spoke English and I was able to start a Bible study with him. Tomorrow will be our first session. So the day got off to a great start. However...after service I came home to eat lunch. I put Harvey on his lead and let him walk around outside. Pearl on the other hand prefers to lay on the couch while the door is open letting the air circulate. As you know I pretty much don't worry about her doing anything or going anywhere because she has so many phobias...liking walking up stairs...or down stairs...or through doors. Just last night as I lay reading in bed she stood at the bedroom door and cried for me to come a get her because the door to the room was not fully open and in her tiny chihuahua head she does not think she can fit through a door unless it is 100% open...."Pearl, come can make it...the door is open have at least 8 inches on either side of your 4 inch can fit" - but she stood there until I came and opened the door completely. :-/ Anyway, today I got a shock. I was talking on SKYPE to mom while eating lunch, and then got up after - no Pearl. I started ripping the blankets off the bed, hoping to find the white gerbil curled up underneath - nothing! So I run frantically out into the yard of the RV park and yelled PEEEAAAARRRLLLLL!!!! with all the worst scenarios racing through my over active imagination. Believe me, I am positive that everyone in a huge radius of the park including the university campus heard Pearl's name echoing off the hills...but then almost too good to be true, the skinny white dog comes running full speed across the park. As my mom said last year, one thing she noticed about Harvey and Pearl is that they both know their names and respond quickly...THANK GOODNESS...:-/ ...because I would have had to call Joe and Colleen and have them set up roadblocks checking vehicles for the munchkin at all exits from the city. :-) Other than this heart tremor, today was just I said...good service and pretty skies.


*ps Pearl is not allowed to lay on the couch with the door open anymore.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Life of Harvey and Pearl in Mex

We had an excellent meeting with the congregation this morning. A brother from Guaymas (originally from Medicine Hat) gave the talk about the Trinity, and how the teaching is not found in the Bible. The scriptures he used as evidence were excellent, and his reasoning ability was great - thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is a pic of Pearl, and Harvey's squirrel baby, sunning themselves in the yard. It is really nice here in the park as they have a lot of room for running around...and then laying around when they are pooped out.

Love to everyone,

d :-)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something Clicked With Pearl This Week.

I have attached a picture of Pearl's face this week because something clicked behibd those eyes yesterday. You will remember that three months ago I bought Pearl a set of steps so that she could walk up onto the bed without jumping. I didn't think that jumping was safe for her because she is small. I even bought the model that was covered in sheep skin because I thought the softness might encourage her to use them. Well for three months this has been the drill: Pearl stands at the bottom of the steps and mews like a cat until I come pick up her bum and force her little legs to walk like chopsticks up the stairs. This has gone on several times a day in an attempt to teach her how to use stairs. Harvey on the other hand had no one touch his bum for stair training and trotted right up them. :-/ (Cocker spaniel smarty pants). Anyway, yesterday I was working at the computer and heard Pearl mew. I was just about to get up to help her up the stairs when I raised my eyes to see her venture up the stairs on her own - albeit was kind of like watching robot dog as she was kind of stiff and choppy...I thought she might "timber" off at one moment...but the high point is that she actually got to the top. I feel quite liberated at the moment as this now means not only will I not have to do the "Pearl chore" during the day, but during the night when she gets out of bed for a drink of water I will now not have to get up to pick her back up onto the bed. Life really is good. :-)

Had a fabulous Bible study today, so very happy. Also dropped the posters off at the university so will keep everyone posted on that one. Everyone in the congregation is doing good - sure enjoying being in a small group. You know that old news show called EVERYONE HAS A STORY. The point of the show was to show that everyone has a much more interesting journey in life than most of us know...well it really is interesting to see where people have been in their lives and how they got to where they are today....including some of the ones down here.

Anyway, have a great week. Love to everyone,

d :-)