Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mexico Is Turning Pearl Into A Dare Devil

Service was absolutely fantastic this morning. Worked with a young sister named Karina. She owns a candy shop in town here. We worked a territory not far from the Kingdom Hall which has a vet hospital. It worked out nicely that the vet spoke English and I was able to start a Bible study with him. Tomorrow will be our first session. So the day got off to a great start. However...after service I came home to eat lunch. I put Harvey on his lead and let him walk around outside. Pearl on the other hand prefers to lay on the couch while the door is open letting the air circulate. As you know I pretty much don't worry about her doing anything or going anywhere because she has so many phobias...liking walking up stairs...or down stairs...or through doors. Just last night as I lay reading in bed she stood at the bedroom door and cried for me to come a get her because the door to the room was not fully open and in her tiny chihuahua head she does not think she can fit through a door unless it is 100% open...."Pearl, come here...you can make it...the door is open enough...you have at least 8 inches on either side of your 4 inch body...you can fit" - but she stood there until I came and opened the door completely. :-/ Anyway, today I got a shock. I was talking on SKYPE to mom while eating lunch, and then got up after - no Pearl. I started ripping the blankets off the bed, hoping to find the white gerbil curled up underneath - nothing! So I run frantically out into the yard of the RV park and yelled PEEEAAAARRRLLLLL!!!! with all the worst scenarios racing through my over active imagination. Believe me, I am positive that everyone in a huge radius of the park including the university campus heard Pearl's name echoing off the hills...but then almost too good to be true, the skinny white dog comes running full speed across the park. As my mom said last year, one thing she noticed about Harvey and Pearl is that they both know their names and respond quickly...THANK GOODNESS...:-/ ...because I would have had to call Joe and Colleen and have them set up roadblocks checking vehicles for the munchkin at all exits from the city. :-) Other than this heart tremor, today was just excellent...as I said...good service and pretty skies.


*ps Pearl is not allowed to lay on the couch with the door open anymore.

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