Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Skinny White Dog is Doing Great!

This has been a torrential rain weekend, so I have been pretty much holed up. Brenda came over and we had a good time visiting but I was wondering if I would be able to get out the door for the meeting today. Well, it worked out good. Brenda had an idea to ask Mr. Kim to come pick me up in his taxi and then scoop Brenda and drop us both at the hall. It was perfect. The rivers and canals were all overflowing but we made it there fine.

Happy, yet disappointing news for us though. Jason and Sophia and their daughter Sophia, the only other foreigners in the congregation are moving to Estonia! :-( Cool for them because they have wanted to make the change to work in that territory for a while now, but we will miss having other foreigners to talk to.

Well, nothing else exciting. Pearl seems to be healing fantastic, and we got good news from the lab - the tumour biopsy came back benign. The vet was very worried, as I was too, so this is really great news.

Other than this, everyone is gearing up for the international assembly. One of the young brothers is playing host and is VERY nervous about his English, but I and Brenda we would sit with him and his guests at the assembly to help out. Should be fun for all of us! :-)

Anyways, everyone have a wonderful week. Lots of love, d :-)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pearl is hanging in there.

Just wanted everyone to know that Pearl is hang'n in there. She had her major surgery today. The vet had another vet come in to assist him with the operation. They said they had to go quite deep to get the tumor out, so she will feel acute pain for a bit. Anyways, after when I arrived at the hospital I could see her crying something awful. The vet told me that she had been crying a lot due to the pain and they considered giving her opium, but were hoping to stay away from that. Anyways, I could see her in the incubator crying, but when she saw Harve and I walk in the door suddenly she went quiet and hasn't yelped since, so I am thinking some it may be physical, but the little monkey-butt was probably just traumatized to wakeup finding herself hooked up to tubes. She's kind of immobile laying here right now, but I am hoping by tomorrow she will have a bit of an appetite and be on the road to recovery. She is bandaged from neck to tail so may qualify for the ugly dog contest but I am just happy she made it through this part. Okay, have a wonderful week. Lots of love, d :-)