Friday, July 3, 2009

Pearl is hanging in there.

Just wanted everyone to know that Pearl is hang'n in there. She had her major surgery today. The vet had another vet come in to assist him with the operation. They said they had to go quite deep to get the tumor out, so she will feel acute pain for a bit. Anyways, after when I arrived at the hospital I could see her crying something awful. The vet told me that she had been crying a lot due to the pain and they considered giving her opium, but were hoping to stay away from that. Anyways, I could see her in the incubator crying, but when she saw Harve and I walk in the door suddenly she went quiet and hasn't yelped since, so I am thinking some it may be physical, but the little monkey-butt was probably just traumatized to wakeup finding herself hooked up to tubes. She's kind of immobile laying here right now, but I am hoping by tomorrow she will have a bit of an appetite and be on the road to recovery. She is bandaged from neck to tail so may qualify for the ugly dog contest but I am just happy she made it through this part. Okay, have a wonderful week. Lots of love, d :-)

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