Friday, August 30, 2013

We're Back!

Just got back from hiking trip to North Cascades and have attached a few pictures.  A few more will follow later.  Had such an excellent time.  Loved tenting.  And the views hiking could not be beat.  There are so many more trails and campgrounds I want to investigate there.  Several times I just stopped and thanked Jehovah God for being so creative and artistic in ability, because visually it was outstanding.

At one point, I was warned that a thunderstorm was coming with 60 mile per hour winds (100 km), so we hunkered down on the shores of Lake Chelan.  I have to say of all the places I visited on this trip, this was the one that captured my heart the most..close behind was Mazama...or maybe tied actually.  The hiking was incredible in both places, and each morning when I opened the tent door and saw the view it felt like my breath was being taken away - such a  gorgeous area in an awe inspiring way.  Gave me lots of moments for deep thought about where I have come from and where I am going as a person.  I highly recommend both places to anyone - Washington state so not too far.  You can see one of my hiking partners is enjoying his pillow time too, as well as the other one is collapsed on her pillow inside.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cuddled In Our Tent Waiting For Thunder Storm

All is going great on our tenting adventure.  Found a wonderful campground in Winthrop that for $15 gives a grassy tent space with electricity and wifi.  $8 cheaper than State Park and much nicer.  I found the state park here kind of crazy - kids yelling and screaming and parents just ignoring it, and everyone jammed together.  At least at the private campgrounds the security people keep things nice for everyone.  However, there are some campgrounds that I HAVE TO come back and do.  The national park campgrounds are incredible and beautiful patrolled by rangers.  I stopped to do a hike at Colonial Creek Campground.  Outstandingly beautiful and the national park campgrounds are only $12 per night.  In fact for anyone who loves hiking and beauty the entire Highway 20 to eastern Washington is gorgeous with so many hikes and each one is better than the last.  I made it a goal to do at least one hike a day while on this journey and each one has just been wonderful.  Jehovah's artistic ability awes me.  Today we did two hikes in Mazama.  Totally stunning scenery.  Tomorrow we are driving back to do another because I could tell that Harvey was starting to get a bit slow by the end.  I forget sometimes that the little dude is a senior. At one point when the trail got close to the river instead of standing at the edge and licking he just walked right in up to his belly.  I have leads on them so there is never a worry that they would lose their footing.  Pearl did the same thing.  Anyway, tonight a thunderstorm is rolling through and we are prepared.  Tent is well covered and we are snuggled inside with a six inch mattress, goose down duvet, and wool blankets - should sleep right through it.  All is going well, and will probably stay here a couple more days because nice trails in Mazama that I really want to do.

Okay, til next time.:-)

Love to all,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Having An Awesome Time

Just a quick update.  We are having an awesome time.  Hidden Village in Lynden was excellent for the first night.  The beaches have been great, and today we hiked the Interurban Trail in Bellingham to Marine Park - great little perk for the dogs at the end because they can run in the park and on the beach.  Now time to go flop in the tent and catch up on some reading.  Pics will have to wait for the end because I forgot the camera card uploader. :-(  Each day we are hiking another trail, so the pups are sleeping VERY well at night.

Okay, gotta run.  And...the phone charger is not working so email or SKYPE are places to leave messages if necessary.

Love to all,
d  :-)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Hoorrrray! It is 2:20pm and We Are Going Camping!!!

Off for two weeks camping - glamping with the tent. :-)  Washington...pretty places... - one big circle.  Kayaking and hiking with the pups.  Should be lots of fun.  Will post pics.

Love to all,
d  :-)