Sunday, September 13, 2015


Harvey has very bad back.  A few years ago when it first happened, because he couldn't walk for 3 weeks I had to keep him confined to his buggy and just lifted him out a couple times a day to do his business.  With the help of anti-inflammatories and tramadol to control the pain he finally healed.  Since then he has had a couple bad episodes and we've just done a replay of the anti-inflmmatories and tramadol.  This week it happened again :-(  He was in bad shape.  I gave him a tramadol to take the edge off the pain, but then decided to follow the natural vet's advice and start him on tumeric.  Apparently it is stronger than ibuprophen and given to humans and animals now for inflammation and pain.  I thought I would give it a try because it does not have side effects like the drugs.  It has been nothing short of amazing.  He is responding so much quicker than anytime before.  I still have him in his wiggless vest to be cautious but there is no "pain shaking", and I can tell he is feeling better.  I never knew something like tumeric could be so effective, or act so quickly.  Absolutely amazing to me.

Love to all,
D, H, and P. . :-)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall is Here

Sept 1 Fall arrived.  Big chill in the mornings and at night now.  Most of Saturday at Rock Creek was pretty chilly - Pearl's face says it all.  :-)  Had a great time anyway.  And Dad won the brother's rib making contest by using Aunti Helen's recipe.  Cheers for him!