Monday, April 25, 2011

Fabulous CO Visit

Hey hi everyone,

We just had an excellent CO visit. Very encouraging and motivating to keep on track with spiritual goals. Just really good reminders about such things, as when we pray, make sure that we recount acts of mightiness by Jehovah for previous servants, because it builds our faith that he can do the same for us. So instead of just asking for his guidance and help, really sound like we KNOW he can come through for us too. Also, reminders about being at all the meetings, in service, and doing personal study - things that keep us active spiritually and focused. And he also brought out something that I thought was really good. He has a way of saying forceful things but in a non-accusatory manner, but direct regardless. He was talking about the assembly recently and asked if we walked away from it saying what a great assembly it was...or if we went home and really made any adjustments to our life due to what we heard. I thought that was an excellent point.

Well 78 ended up pioneering in the hall this month so that is very encouraging. 80 at the pioneer meeting. 105 at Saturday morning service. Really good attitude in the hall.

I move into the new park this weekend. Hard to believe the time is almost here. I started out thinking I would just do a few little upgrades to my unit before moving, but mom and dad are so talented with that kind of stuff that each day when I check on it they had done even more. It looks incredible, really. I am so thankful because when I come home from work I have almost zero energy left, and then this weekend I was sick for part of it, but they have this place looking so good. Total different colour scheme now, and the doggy door goes in this week.

Harvey and Pearl are doing wonderful. Yesterday they were pegged outside in front of the trailer while I worked inside. Harvey whined as he thought he should be in there with me, but all I could imagine was white paint all over him, so on the peg he stayed. Pearl was happy just to lay basking in the sun - easy to please.

Well, must run. Love to all,
d :-)

Monday, April 4, 2011

73 Are Pioneering In My Hall This Month!

Isn't that a great amount? I was so surprised. Really nice though. It is a country hall which makes it all the more amazing to me with the gas prices up here and all. And we will see if the number goes higher by Thursday's meeting. Should be really interesting.

Went to the coast for Brahm's wedding. It was truly lovely. They had a wedding hall attached to a dining room at a golf course. It was really nice because it was pouring rain outside so once we got inside the country club we didn't have to leave again until later that night. Big fireplace in teh corner and pretty views. Lots of places for pictures inside the building. Wonderful dinner, really nice speeches (REALLY good, thoughtful speeches), and nice dancing after.

Drove home Saturday afternoon. I wanted to fit more into the day and a half I was there but just couldn't. I have been really tired lately. My doctor says I have low iron these days. Been on supplements but I think I need something a little stronger. :-/ That in combo with my work, service, study, meeting schedule, just caught up with me. Same as lots of other people. Just life. But getting home was nice, not only so I could sleep, :-) but because Sunday afternoon's WT study was just excellent. The last couple weeks have been on endurance, which is what we all need to do no matter what. So attending that was worth getting back for.

I will put some pics of the wedding up as soon as my camera is recharged, but I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Love to all,
d :-)