Monday, February 13, 2017

North We Go!

Hey hi everyone,

My niece Lauren and I have been invited to join a team doing unassigned territory this August up north.  We are so thankful to Jehovah, and VERY excited about it.  Other than helping to build a Kingdom Hall in Alaska many years ago, I haven't been this far north in Canada before so it will be an excellent adventure all the way around.  And of course our fearless pioneer pups will be joining us too!  They can ride shotgun in the backseat while we go about our service duties, (barking at much bigger dogs and making friends with any people that want to lean into the windows. :-))  Anyway, GPS says it is an 19 hour drive north from here, so should have lots of beautiful country to see along the way.  If you know anyone else serving up that direction this summer let us know, as maybe our paths can cross along the way.  Here are some pics of what we can expect:
 Campground booked for the team.
 Long hitchhikers chair.
 Husky country.
 BIG lakes.
 Service Break
 Lots of sand.
 On the road in service.
Tanning a hide.

Can't wait!  Love to all, D,H&P

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!

Hey hi everyone,  :-)

It was absolutely beautiful this morning as I had Harvey and Pearl out doing their morning walk.  Tons of snow coming down, no cars on the road, no snow plows either, but just walking under the early morning stars.

It may be pretty but we are in countdown mode for going away.  Looking forward to service with friends in a warmer climate for a bit.  And by the time we get back all this white stuff will be gone.  Yayyyyyyy!!!!  ...anyway, that is the plan. :-)

Everyone have a great weekend! :-)

Love to all,
d, H & P