Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Feel Like A Pet Insurance Salesman...

I guess I just am hoping that others will consider the option of getting it. Today it paid off again for me. Yesterday, Harvey starting acting strange. Harvey has never been sick. I call him "healthy like a horse Harvey". He is usually the "life of the party" type of dog - happy and playful from morning til night, but suddenly he was just laying like a rag not moving. He even got so tired in the first block of our walk that I had to pick him up and carry him home. I knew something was REALLY wrong, but thought I would observe him during the night. I got up every 30 minutes to check his eyes, gums and pulse. ...Actually I kind of found it hard finding his pulse, and I think Harvey knew this because I would get nervous and start lifing all his legs, sticking my fingers underneath looking for any place that would beat. After about two times of enduring this from me, he then just gave me a big breath out when I put my hand on his side to prove that he was alive. Anyways, this morning, he even looked worse so I carried him out on a pillow to the truck and headed off to the Emergency Animal Hospital. Usually in the truck Pearl yaps at him constantly to let him know that his true traveling place should be the far back corner of the cab, but today it was as if she knew how sick he was because she laid down next to him on the pillow and put her head across his neck. The vet at the hospital was great, and did a blood panel and x-ray. He was actually the best vet I have found in America and Canada so far - extremely attentive and took the time to go over the blood work in detail. It looks like Harvey has pancreatitis. This is very serious and he is resting until the medicines start working. We are trying to get the infection out of the pancreas so that means he can't have any food - only fluids....but getting him to take even that is hard at the moment. I got the idea to boil chicken breast and drain the broth off. Miraculously he sipped the bowl so I am relieved about that. I am hoping tomorrow morning to see a positive change. I have turned on the hot blanket on the bed and hopefully that will make him feel good as he sleeps tonight. Okay, must run. Love to everyone, d :-) ....oh yes, today was $750, so I am thankful I put that $20 put per month....

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching Up on Life...

Hey hi everyone! :-)

There has been a lot going on here. On the News it was saying that in four days last week we had more rain than all of last year in the region. I truly believe it. Harvey and Pearl would not step outside no matter what so to get them outside for a change of scenery I just lifted them straight from the RV to the truck and then we would go to the mall or Home Depot and mill around. The water was rushing everywhere. Remember that golf course Morningside that I showed before in some pics? Well the damage before was NOTHING in comparison to now. When I walked down there a huge river had cut its way through the middle of it with trees and bushes and rocks being pushed along. The residents in the area couldn't believe it either, and were down there taking pics. My camera battery failed of course at the peak of the river, so when I came back after the rain had stopped and I took the pic I included here. But also, it sure showed my how a multi-million-dollar golf course handles things like this - within 36 hours of the rain stopping they had loads of heavy machinery out there pushing mud and debris and resculpting the course. No wasting time at all!
The second video I posted here is of my nephew Justin dancing. He takes swing classes every Friday night and does excellent. I think he is he youngest in the class so is dwarfed by VERY big girls, but has learned techniques for flipping and twirling them. In two weeks they will be dancing at DisneyLand, so how cool will that be. :-)
And lastly, come next Friday, Jehovah God willing, we will be taking off for Mexico. We should be there Sunday morning. I was wondering how long it was going to take, but now the time is finally here. So we are down to the last details of getting tires changed out, truck maintenance done, putting the motorcycle into storage....and buying lots of the dog food bags and treats that Harvey and Pearl like to eat on the way, and while down there. :-) After years of efforts I have finally found a dog food that Harvey can eat for his allergies: Dick Van Patten's Original Ultimate (small bites). No more heaving up, or bloody skin patches for the little dude. Also, I have bought a good supply of HAPPY HIPS treats for the two of them. I basically reward them all day long for EVERYTHING: waking up, taking a walk, sitting nice on the couch, etc., so we need several of these bags to go with us. Also, I installed a child's booster seat next to me in the truck. This is because they both like to sit next to me, and touch me at the same time - nobody is happy unless at least one paw or somebody's chin is resting on me. But the booster seat has arms, so now they can sit right beside me but they can't touch me...which is much safer, and comfortable, for me. Sometimes there is a bit of growling and grumbling about who gets to sit immediately next to me, but they are getting better. Also, I bought Pearl a set of steps for getting up on the bed. As you know she is kind of short, and doesn't like to jump so any time she wants on the bed she mews for me...and then when she wants down she mews for me. And Pearl is not the most decisive dog sometimes. Anyway, I just got the steps and now am training her to use them. So now she stands at the bottom of the steps and mews. :-/ However, after pushing her up them for the last four days I can see a little improvement as her legs are moving a little more freely as she climbs, and I have hope within two weeks she won't need me there pushing her bum. Okay, I have lots to do today with the preparations so must run. Everyone have an absolutely wonderful week!
Love ya,
d :-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Something Pretty To Look At.

I thought this was gorgeous. I am sure all of you have beautiful sunsets too. Seems almost everywhere I've been on this Earth does (really a testament to God's love of art in my opinion). But I thought the colours of this one were outstanding.