Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something Clicked With Pearl This Week.

I have attached a picture of Pearl's face this week because something clicked behibd those eyes yesterday. You will remember that three months ago I bought Pearl a set of steps so that she could walk up onto the bed without jumping. I didn't think that jumping was safe for her because she is small. I even bought the model that was covered in sheep skin because I thought the softness might encourage her to use them. Well for three months this has been the drill: Pearl stands at the bottom of the steps and mews like a cat until I come pick up her bum and force her little legs to walk like chopsticks up the stairs. This has gone on several times a day in an attempt to teach her how to use stairs. Harvey on the other hand had no one touch his bum for stair training and trotted right up them. :-/ (Cocker spaniel smarty pants). Anyway, yesterday I was working at the computer and heard Pearl mew. I was just about to get up to help her up the stairs when I raised my eyes to see her venture up the stairs on her own - albeit was kind of like watching robot dog as she was kind of stiff and choppy...I thought she might "timber" off at one moment...but the high point is that she actually got to the top. I feel quite liberated at the moment as this now means not only will I not have to do the "Pearl chore" during the day, but during the night when she gets out of bed for a drink of water I will now not have to get up to pick her back up onto the bed. Life really is good. :-)

Had a fabulous Bible study today, so very happy. Also dropped the posters off at the university so will keep everyone posted on that one. Everyone in the congregation is doing good - sure enjoying being in a small group. You know that old news show called EVERYONE HAS A STORY. The point of the show was to show that everyone has a much more interesting journey in life than most of us know...well it really is interesting to see where people have been in their lives and how they got to where they are today....including some of the ones down here.

Anyway, have a great week. Love to everyone,

d :-)

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