Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is Very Different in Mexico Than It Used To Be

I thought I would show some pictures that show how Americanized Mexico has become consumer-wise through the years. The culture is very different of course, and that is wonderful, but it is also nice to have some very familiar stores to go to when a person just wants to find something quickly that they know they would find back in their home country. Here are the three big ones in town here, and there is also an ACE Hardware, and a store called Soriana - which is actually a Mexican chain but a person can easily find anything there, and I guess I can't leave out MEGA then either. I was asking a sister when we were out the other day where the best place to food shop is in town from a Mexican standpoint, for prices and selection, and she said her family and friends all go to Walmart. I thought maybe she would tell me small shops, so I was a bit surprized. However, she did say that for vegetables and fruits the absolute best place is the huge outdoor market.
The meetings this weekend have been great. One point that was highlighted on Friday night that I think was really good is what was brought out about the label Christian - many people nowadays have called themselves Christian because they think that Christian means someone that believes in Christ, but in reality it means a person that follows Christs ways and lives by his standards that he taught. I thought this was very good food for thought. It actually reminded me of a HOUSE episode I was watching this week, where there was a woman who called herself a vegetarian...but she ate meat. :-/ She was asked how she could refer to herself as a vegetarian and eat meat, but she wanted to be one so badly that she ignored the fact that she wasn't living by the true definition of what one is. ...and another point I found fascinating was extra research by a couple of the brothers. In the scriptures, God says to withstand trials he will make a person like a copper gate. :-/ Mmm...why not gold or diamond chiseled? Well it turns out that copper is one of the few metals that actually is extremely difficult to penetrate because when it gets hit by heated items it doesn't puncture easily or get hot and melt but rather absorbs the heat (guess that's why it is used for making pots and pans for cooking), so that is why it was used as a protective metal in ancient times. So what Jehovah God was saying is that you will be like a copper gate and when you get hit by hot items of life and are under attack you will be able to figurately be just like a copper gate - if we make him our refuge. I thought that was extremely interesting.
Anyway, I am sure everyone else had great meetings too. :-) Have a wonderful week.
d :-)

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