Saturday, December 12, 2009

Family has arrived.

Hey hi everyone, :-)
It has been a year since I have seen my parents and most my other family. A group of them arrived in the desert this week. They are passing through on their way to Mexico for a couple months. Of course the kids are the ones that change the most, and this time I actually found my little bag of gifts to share with them. Next time I post I will put some pics up of them. I will decide tomorrow if I will go part way down with them. It may be a nice drive for Harvey, Pearl and me and I could check out a bit of Hermosillo.

Teaching and life this week is going good. Last night I attended a dance class. I actually took my nephew but it got me thinking that I would love to take a course over at the studio myself. Just an excellent teacher, and obviously it would be a great workout too. :-) Anyway, I will find out more this coming week. I don't know if I have enough time but I would love to work it in.

Here is a pic of Pearl waking up in the morning. I get up to prepare for work and she insists on snuggling into my housecoat for an hour before breakfast.

Well I better run - the little girls are coming over to walk Harvey and Pearl with me, and make a stop at the goat farm to watch them all being fed. So have a wonderful weekend!


d :-)

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