Monday, December 14, 2009

The Perils of Being Tall...

Hey hi everyone, :-)
Let's hope that Jehovah God brings the new system before I age too much, because I guarantee you all that if he doesn't I will be the oldest, weirdest, demented person you know, from hitting my head so many times in life. Yes, there are great things about being tall - like not needing a step-ladder often, or going to a party or meeting and being able to spot friends across the room. However, much of the world is built for short people I find. Such as today...a lady was walking by my RV and stopped to talk and was telling me she is limited in her funds these days and is worried about taking care of her little dog, SO it just so happens that I recently bought a new bag of dog food but as usual Harvey is allergic to it...which worked out perfect because I decided to run it across to her place and give it to her for her dog. The only thing is there was a air conditioner mounted low hanging out a window rather than on the upper window, so when I said my good-byes and turned and hopped, skipped and jumped off her back porch, I did a forehead plant into the air conditioner. She of course felt terrible and was asking me if I was okay as I lay on the ground grasping my head, but in actuality I felt like I had crushed my brain and separated all the nerve endings from my frontal lobe. :-( If I get old enough I know I will pay for this...such when I am 97 in an old age home I will be blogging to you all still, as I carry around Harvey and Pearl under my arms...stuffed, or share stories of how they are harassing people in the cafeteria, or found by the staff licking peoples' dentures during the night...the line of fantasy and reality for sure will blur due to the knock'n on the nogg'n now. :-)

Anyway, in conclusion, I nursed my jiggled brain by going to a movie this afternoon - Julie & Julia. The story of Julia Child and a young woman that tries to cook all her recipes. It was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it, especially to all people that like to cook. :-)

Love to everyone,

d :-)

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