Monday, December 21, 2009

Oodles of Mud

Hey hi everyone,

We had a rainy few days last week and I wanted you to see the results. Yes, the Desert is usually gorgeous and sunny but this is what happens when the rain comes. The ground is so dry the water just runs and pushes things along the top. When I took Harvey and Pearl out for their walk I just sat and watched the groundskeepers at the golf course start their mud sweeping with BIG brooms. It seems like it will be an endless chore for them.

The group visiting have all headed down to Mexico for the winter. I am still waiting on my paperwork to be processed and then we are off and moving too. I thought it would be done by now, but I guess it is important to be patient.

Here is a picture of someone's lawn cat. It is blurry but that is kind of how many of my pictures are, so I included it regardless. The cat is one of those cement things. The guy who carved it though should get some award though - maybe like a "Michaelango award" because everytime Harvey and Pearl walk past it they go nuts like it is a REAL cat. Pearl starts to whine and cry and Harvey wants to eat it...and all it does is sit there facing straight ahead. They honestly think this thing is alive. So totally odd. :-/

Wasn't that a great study article yesterday? Our conductor stopped and really went over paragraph 10, because it seems to be one of biggest weaknesses of us all - judging people negatively without knowing all the true facts of a situation...even when we think we do...key as brought out: give people the benefit of the doubt. I really thought it was a good reminder. Very good articles being covered these days.

Okay, everyone have a wonderful week.

Lots of love,

d :-)

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