Friday, December 25, 2009

There is no time to run.

Hey hi everyone,
A man I met walking my dogs a while ago, told me that once you have been through a bad dog attack you are never the same - because you are always on hyper alert - always planning an escape route if anything ever happens again. And I have found this year that he is right. No matter where I walk with the dogs I have always been looking to see what is around me, thinking "well I could climb that fence or that tree, or throw H and P over and do this.." but today showed me that most scenarios and plans are just not possible. There is a large estate down the road that I walk by everyday with Harvey and Pearl and the two large guard dogs always lunge at the fence and salivate wildly as we scurry by. However, this morning as we were approaching the area the owners were entering the estate in a car, and as they opened the gate the two guard dogs ran out. They looked both ways, spotted Harvey, Pearl and me about 150 feet down the road and started charging at full attack throttle. The owners jumped out of the vehicle and started screaming and running, and I of course started screaming. The good thing was that Harvey and Pearl did what I was hoping and ran behind my legs, and realizing there was absolutely NO time to run or jump or whatever just withdrew my stun baton and stood there. It is AMAZING how fast a large dog can move and how much area they can cover when running that fast. All I could think was of how I was going to handle two of them - one was bad enough last year - and also one other thing...thank goodness I wrapped such a big scarf around my neck this morning. So as I said, I just took the stun baton out and waited for impact. Anyhow, with the owners screeching and running after the dogs they came to a realization that they were being yelled at about 12 feet from contact. Suddenly their ears just clued in. BUT IT WAS SCARY. The owners were shaken, but not half as much as me. When it was all over I was just trembling all over, and thankful that there was about 150 feet for those dogs to listen to their owners before getting to us.

Anyway, hope all of you are having a less adrenaline filled day.

Love to everyone,

d :-)

*ps. I thought this pic was funny. Someone has obviously blended their face with their dogs.

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