Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Patience Is A Virtue...I Hear :-/

Hey hi everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying a little extra time off this week. Things are going good for us as usual. I am still waiting for some paperwork that is plugging (plodding) along so it looks like we will be here until the end of January. That is okay though, as classes start on January 4th and I am working at getting lesson plans made and talking to students beforehand. I have included a short video of Harvey doing his belly drag down the grass...and soon will include one of Pearl prostrated in front of her bag of Happy Hips crying. I don't know what the manufacturers put in those things but she is truly addicted. Him and Pearl are having such a good time at the dog park these days too and it has made such a difference in Pearl as her fear of other dogs has disappeared now.

This month now I am getting all the final things done on the unit - replacing tires, and had a backup camera installed, mostly because I don't have another person who can back me up into rv spaces at the parks and I only have two eyeballs, not the eight that would have been handy to been born with for backing up an RV, so the backup camera will help immensely. One inside addition to the unit is that I put in a "fire"place. It really heats up the place quickly, and it is pretty to watch the log burn. :-) I once read an article that said if you are a fulltime RVer that you have to put things into it that make it unique for you, so that is what I have gradually done - like a heated mattress because when I am lazy and tired it so wonderful to crawl into a warm bed (the problem is getting Harvey and Pearl OUT of the warm bed in the morning though :-)), and when dad visited he took out the factory taps and put in high arm taps in both the kitchen and bathroom. Thank goodness he is the handy sort as I have other projects coming up too. :-) Maybe next year I will think about solar panels, but so far the best 'trade-out' has been taking all the carpet out and replacing with oak laminate. After years of borrowing dad's tools I invested in a nice electric drill/screwdriver set from Home Depot and now just do the jobs myself when I can. But Dad such a nice job on the big ones that it is worth to wait for his visits.

Well I better run, as I am sitting here listening to Elvis Presley wail. It has been a long time since I have done that but a man that stops his car on the road and talks to me always has Elvis music in the background. ...As I was writing that I realized how funny it must sound, but when you walk your dogs two hours a day you meet A LOT of walkers...exercisers...people that drive the same route and wave this is a man that drives, waves and talks...and plays Elvis loud. :-) So his music inspired me today. Anyways, to top things off, I have just experienced a miracle and need to investigate it further. My old laptop which I had been keeping under my desk here due to being dead just resurrected itself. I thought for old times sake I should just plug it in, and walah it lit up and booted with a beautiful screen. ;-/ Now is that strange or what??? Anyway, I am going to look to see if there is a loose wire now or something.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Love, d :-)

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