Monday, November 23, 2009

Phoenix For the Weekend...

Hey hi everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. :-) Harvey, Pearl and I had a really good weekend. We high-tailed it over to Phoenix and hung out with Debbie at her place. She has a nice place there and the backyard was perfect for H & P to play in. She has her dog Angel - a real sweety - who put up with my two running around making noise, so we had a really nice time.

Here are some pics of the weekend. The one of Pearl is proof that even cute dogs take bad pictures too. This is the truck all packed up to go and Pearl in her dress...and then a ten foot tongue hanging out her mouth. :-/

This other pic is of Harvey, ready to go. He is the smarty pants that as soon as the duffel bags come out he crawls in one to ensure his passage also. But in this pic he hopped in the truck and wouldn't get out.

Here is a pic of something I picked up for walking my babies. After our attack last winter I said to dad, "man, I just wish they made cattle prods that a person can carry with them in case something bad happens..." Well, they kinda do! A lady on the trail who carries paper spray just in case they run into a big out of control dog told me about a website for dog attack defense. When I visited it they had lots of items, such as the key chain pepper spray, which I thought was good except that the dog may be kind of close to me before I could spray it...and with the wind in the desert periodically I had visions of myself rolling on the ground due to the spray...and the dog just chewing on the three of us like a banquet. BUT they did have an electric baton that is 18 inches long. It will not kill the dog but just stun its muscles to stop it. Perfectly fine after 5 minutes - just enough time for the three of us to run like crazy over some fence, or hog tie it. And it can't be taken away from its user because it has a safety feature. Anyways, that is the one I went with because I figure if a big dog is running at me with fangs beared and gets within 18 inches that basically says to me, "My intent is to eat you...or at least chew on you or your furbies". Besides it says by other owners on the website that attacks are basically deterred by just holding the thing up and pressing the button because the dog sees the blue sparks coming off the end and runs the other way. Sounds good to me. It still does amaze me how many owners of big dogs walk them without leashes and insist that the dog is harmless and then it lunges and they say, "I have NO IDEA what got into "Ginger"!" Or the 98lb elderly fellow that wrestles with his own salivating 150lb dog when it sees other dogs just to keep it from jumping away from him. I love all dogs, I just wish the owners were more responsible. :-/

Well, anyways, time to run and get busy with the day.

Everyone have a wonderful week!


d :-)

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