Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Billy Goats and MORE Billy Goats!

Hey hi everyone,

Today I thought I would show you something that I think is very unique. As you can imagine the Desert has very pretty sculpted yards and buildings....BUT tucked in behind are some really cool things. On our walk every morning we pass by an estate that is tucked well behind trees. The estate manager says that the people rarely come, but it is a $12 million dollar estate with a billy goat yard. So that is his job, just maintaining the estate and feeding the goats. They are the sweetest little things and this morning when we walked by a new little one had arrived.

Everything is going good. Work is good, the weather is lovely - it is much cooler these days in the morning and this morning I was walking along with a toque and scarf, and sweaters on Harvey and Pearl.

I have attached a few pics. Finally found myself a cheap deal on a camera. Some customs agent in Korea is enjoying my old one and my MP3 player. Unfortunately, when I had to empty my case on the way back for the scanning machine at the airport I must have missed putting them back in. No problem though, just a little hiccup in the big pic of life. :-)

Pic 1. Harvey and Pearl sitting on their pillow outside the RV.

Pic 2. Our transportation for close destinations - the bike and bike buggy.

Pic 3. The motorcycle enjoying some sun time.

Pic 4. My shiny truck - all washed up. :-) BTW, don't think that H+P ever see the inside of those cages in the back of the truck. I just put them there so that people think I have huge dogs inside the RV.

Pic 5. A left over pic I found in the folder from Korea. A typical sunhat/face protector for walking.

Love to everyone!

d :-)

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