Friday, May 28, 2010

"OH NO Teacher! You sucked a very delicious meal into your vacuum!"

This morning I realized how differently cultures see things. I was teaching a class of 9 year old boys this morning when suddenly one of those crazy large bugs starting coming through my window. I squealed and told the boys that we were going to have stop for a minute while I killed a HUGE ugly bug coming through my window. They were all very excited, and told me that after I did it I needed to show them a picture. No problem. :-/ So they listened to the me using the vacuum for a minute then I showed them a picture of it. They were saying, "Wow, teacher, that is the largest grasshopper we have EVER seen." Then it dawned on them where it was now, and were, "OH NO teacher! You sucked a very delicious meal into your vacuum! This is so sad! So big, it would be delicious. :-(" They were all lamenting over and over that there may be many of these inside my vacuum, and how I missed out on eating them. .....yyyyyyeeee..uuuuk Anyway, it gave the boys some insight too.

Love to everyone,
d :-)

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