Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Surge Protector Worked!

Before coming down here I read endlessly on all the RV forums for advice. Something that was discussed indepth was the use of surge/brownout protectors because of the power fluctuations down here. I decided to take the advice of some long-term full-timers and buy a universal surge protector that would take care of the entire unit. Not just because I have lots of computer equipment in here but because I went over and over in my mind what may happen if I was out on a 105 degree day and the power surged. The cheaper units are good but if you are not around to reset them then the power stays off until you get back. I couldn't have that with Harve and Pearl in here - two little pieces of grissle they would be in no time flat in that heat. ANYWAY, today it paid off. The power surged, the entire trailer shutdown - AC unit, everything. Then I held my breath...would this thing actually reset the RV? It did! I was so happy. ....hosing down Harvey and Pearl today, hot hot hot.

love to everyone,
d :-)

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