Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alcatraz Island

I was able to discover a really cool place last weekend - Kino was back today with Harvey and Pearl for more beach walking. Across the bay is an island that I think is fascinating. It is one of the largest ecological preserves for birds. One day maybe I will get to kayak out to it. :-) Driving down to Kino is quite something though. First time last weekend it took me a bit to clue in as to what was going on. It is a nice highway, BUT people were driving on the paved shoulder. Couldn't figure out why until I saw that people were deliberating making another lane for passing. I hadn't seen this before because going down to San Carlos the highway is even wider and there is no need to do this...but I have to say I caught on quickly....basically, watch for someone to speed up behind you, then veer to the shoulder. With so many cars and trucks doing it I was thinking that from a bird's eye view it must look like a checkerboard of cars moving all over the place. :-/

The beach was just fabulous today. Stopped by to check out a RV resort again that I saw on the weekend that has mediterranean style cabanas for each RV - really nice setup. I have to say I do miss the amount of active recreation I had in my life before, and need to get back to it. When I was in Korea I was either out out walking or riding my bike, or walking the canal or the fortress wall. For some people keeping busy that way is not a big thing, but to me I really enjoy it. Doing stuff around the home is nice but I sure do like the outdoors too. Sometimes a person has to be away from something for a bit to know how much they like it. So I just have to get that going in Mexico and it will be perfect. :-)

Harvey and Pearl are doing great these days. It is a tad warm for them I guess which explains why they are both spread eagle on the bathroom floor at the moment trying to cool down. Come 7pm and we will hop outside for a sniff around the park. After running like crazy on the beach today though they won't need much walking.

Well, I found another monster bug in my bathroom this week, and I tell you honestly it was before the meeting on Sunday, and if I hadn't promised to pick my Bible studies up for the meeting I would have just locked the door and waited for it to starve to death...and stayed home. HOWEVER, after 10 minutes of extreme crying outside the door (my normal reaction to finding bugs that look like they live on the dark side of the moon) I prayed to Jehovah and asked him to help me handle the matter so I could get to the meeting....or at the very least grant me composure so that when I saw it again I wouldn't faint. :-/ I opened the door slowly and beat at it with the broom making it fly somewhere that I couldn't see. Now time was running out to get ready for the time for another prayer...AND I actually got into the shower and showered knowing there was a bug hiding somewhere in the room. For some people I know this is not a big thing...for me it is MONUMENTAL...with the emphasis on mental. Anyways, maybe it crawled down the toilet or drain but I haven't seen it since...even though I do a complete scan of the bathroom each time I enter it. :-/

Well, time to wash the dishes, so everyone have a wonderful week.

Love to all,
d :-)

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