Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Good Reminder

Hey hi everyone, :-)

It is pretty hot here right now - 105 degrees for a few days. I have been monitoring it and we are about 5 degrees hotter than Palm Springs it seems everyday, with about 9% humidity. I don't usually have to watch Harvey and Pearl that close when we are outside right now because instead of running around the park I find them under the trailer keeping their paws off the hot rocks. But yesterday I got outside with a hose and bucket and washed the entire trailer to spiff it up. In a month we will be on the road so I don't want to look dusty going down the road.

Well, reading the news this morning was a good reminder about why I don't want to fly much now. For you non-pet flying families it is not a big thing, but reading about that lost dog was heartbreaking:

With all my best efforts I even came close with Harvey that time in LAX. You may recall me writing about it. I wouldn't get on the plane until they showed me they had found his carrier and had the cargo manager personally call to say they had put him on. They had found him in the wrong cargo section of LAX. (Always ask for VISUAL confirmation from the cargo manager before getting on the plane, despite the effort it takes to wait to be the last person on). The good part was, when they asked me what they were searching for, I told them to look for a dog kennel decorated like HANSEL AND GRETELS house in the fairytale. They phoned back quickly to say they had found it. Gaudy as it was to look at, it stood out like a sore thumb. Anyway, hope all turns out well for that couple searching for their little guy.

Well, we have the CO visit this week. I am really looking forward to it. Tonight we have the service meeting and special talk and then Thursday the bookstudy and special talk. Usually our meetings are on Friday nights and this is wonderful for me because by the end of the week I don't have to get up so early in the mornings and I can just sleep to catch up. This afternoon I thought I would lay down for a few minutes between studies so I would have extra energy for tonight but I fell into a 1.5 hour coma! When I woke up I realized I was 45 minutes late for a study, but he was still waiting so that is the great part - thank goodness for patient Bible students! :-)

Okay, have a wonderful day.

Love to everyone, d :-)

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