Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It

Hey hi everyone,

As my title says today, part of the reason I tell all of you all the good things that happen...AND all the bad things is because for any of you that are contemplating living abroad, and wondering if you can do it, after reading my episodes and seeing me face them with all my faults and frailties...surely you will know that you can live anywhere you want to too. :-) today I had a redo of one of my worst fears...the return of KUJO bug. Susan Ellis wrote me and said that she too saw a bug that looked like a cross between a grasshopper, scorpion, and spider, when she was living in Mexico, and that pretty much summed him up. There was lots of screaming, especially when it jumped and I couldn't see it and realized that it was probably on me somewhere so I started ripping my clothes off...the good part was that I had already closed all the blinds for the evening. And then I found him on my pile of clothes so grabbed my handy dandy sandals and squished him flat. During all this Harvey and Pearl were in run and hide mode, but after full of kisses to help me get over the panic part. I am pretty sure he came in the hole for the cable connector so tomrrow I will plug that with goo. When I lived in Korea there were not many bugs at all - probably because of the cold cold winters. Here is another story. The high point is, I think it is harmless...physically...mentally I am momentarily traumatized. However, tomorrow life will be back to normal, work will be good, service will be great, and I will be glad to be here.

Love to everyone,
d :-)

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