Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Challenges

Hey hi everyone,

There aren't many big challenges to living here in Mexico compared to other places because there is so much available to a person - and service is great - and the congregation is great. BUT one little one for me came as a reminder yesterday. Pearl started barking like a crazy dog and when I walked into the room to investigate there was a HUGE bug on the ground. Kind of like a cross between a cocroach and a grasshopper. Truth be told, if it was a spider, I wouldn't be typing this right now...I would probably be either fainted permanently on the floor due to fear, or in a santarium...or is it sanitorium:-/ ....not sure which is the right spelling...just like the time last month when a brother and his wife came to visit with a few others and he asked me what flowers I had growing on my back fence - I told him I thought it was Clamydia...but then he said he thought that was a sexually transmitted I realized it must be Clamatis. Anyway, he basically gleaned the bulk of my gardening knowledge. :-/ Anyhow, I have tried to find out what type of bug it was by looking on the internet but it has proved a little hard because I am finding identifying body shape and markers is difficult once something has been squished. ...Hopefully I will not have the opportunity to look at one again - at least in real life.

d :-)

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