Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little Smarty Pants Harvey

Hey hi everyone, :-)

This has been a fantastic week. I have met some really great people while out in the service work, and work has been great, and I love the hot weather. However, I am looking forward to spending the summer in Canada. It will just be nice to see everyone and do some things I used to do up there, and then I will be rearing to get back here after. :-)

Harvey has proved himself to be quite the smarty pants this week. He figured out how to pop the rear door of RV open by throwing his body against it. The lock is a bit sticky so this is easy to do if someone knows about it - I will be getting it fixed though.... Anyways, last Sunday I went out to the meeting and then meandered around town for a bit, and then worked my way home around 2:30p. First thing I noticed was this little shadow sitting on the big pillow in their pen - saw Harvey sprawled out like he was on a beach...but no Pearl. My eyes went big and I jumped out of the truck and ran to the door, practically ripping it off to see if the skinny white dog had made an escape also, but thankfully found her inside doing her usual welcome home dance. ...Grrr...and yay all at the same time. So, I tried to secure the latch better the next time I went out....only to come home and find Harvey again beaching himself in the backyard pen, but this time it was in the mid 90s and he seemed more than eager to get back into the RV to find the water. Lesson learned for him I hope. Anyway since then I have been locking it from the outside to make sure they both are securely trapped inside. :-/

All is great though, and we are heading off to Phoenix for a few days mid week, so will tell ya all about it.

Love to all,

d :-)

PS. you can see one thing in the photos I will be looking for in Phoenix - a salad spinner.

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