Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey hi everyone, :-)

I am having a really nice weekend. Bible study this morning after walking Harvey and Pearl on the mountain. I have to say that is one awesome place to exercise. One minute a person is walking on beautiful trails and further down a person can be walking on a private road that runs behind homes that a person could imagine in Beverly Hills – just gorgeous architecture up there. However, I decided I will have to get up and go earlier with the fur kids. We did not start walking until 7am and by 8am it was close to 80 degrees, about a quarter mile from the truck Pearl and Harvey both parked themselves under a tree and were prepared to spend the day lounging in the shade there. Thank goodness it was not that far and I could coax them to keep going to the truck. I carry cold water bottles for them, but they were still hot.

Well our meeting last night was good as usual, but I have to tell you about the local needs talk. The brother who did the announcements is a very cool brother from Germany. When he announced that we were going to have a local needs talked called HAVE YOU KILLED YOUR CHILD my internal alarm went off as I had never heard this subject before and I was wondering what terrible thing had happened in the congregation – had someone done something bad in their past…or was it an accident that happened recently…or how had this happened? Forget Brother Norbergs talk that followed the announcements. My mind was racing through all the possibilities of what and who this talk could be about, so basically everything he said just was blah blah blah through my ears. By the time the brother got up on the stage to deliver the local needs talk I was ready with pen and paper to write everything down, and then he announced his theme was HAVE YOU KILLED YOUR GIANT? Okay, not quite as intriguing of a subject, but purely a relief…at least now I knew for sure there wasn’t a killer sitting among us. :-/ I am always telling my students, harping constantly actually, that listening and pronunciation are the two most important English skills to learn. Last night proved it in spades to me how right those words are. :-) …and by the way, the REAL talk was excellent. It was about overcoming obstacles, that are big to us, to have a fuller measure in following Christ and helping others study the Bible.

Okay, have a great weekend. Harve and Pearl and me are lounging like sloths on the couch.

Love to everyone,

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