Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Hotter.

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Here are some pics of life this week. I was invited to a cookie making party the other night. Wonderful idea with lots of yummy things to eat. Several of the sisters took cookie making stuff to one sisters house and we all made cookies. In this picture you see Sherilyn Fesik (Calgary-ite) making REAL cookies...she actually brought tupperware and sheets from Canada to do such things. Amazing to me...as I showed up with my box of Duncan Hines Choco cookie mix. It is obvious which of us is a "family woman", and I have to say her cookies were awesome! The other pic is me and Karina out in service. You wouldn't believe it. That thing Karina is holding in her hand is a flower. Even close up it looks like one of those plastic pom poms a person buys in a store. INCREDIBLE how beautiful Jehovah God makes some things. The other pic is of the park right now. It is basically a big dog park for Harvey and Pearl. They run and chase balls and smell strange things they find on the ground. SPEAKING OF STRANGE THINGS, that Pearl often makes me roll my eyes. As you know she is half Chihuahua and half Jack Russel. Well the little mutley loves anything stinkey or smelly - she could spend an hour smelling a leaf that another dog peed on the day before. Just as I was typing this I decided to go look for her and found her on the other side of the trailer licking the sewer line as if it was a popsicle. There is nothing on it, but if something is the least tiniest bit smelly she will love it. In her mind I am sure she would think Jehovah God was blessing her if a duck flew overhead and dropped a turd for her in her path. :-/ Someone warned me years ago of this terrier trait and I see it over and over. The last pic is of my front sitting area. I have shade cloth up to keep the heat off us, and a nice mat, and then you can see in the far back there is a patch of turf I put down for Harvey and Pearl to lay on. They LOVE it. Because the weather is so nice here this is pretty much where we spend our time. After work in the morning I sit in that blue chair and do my personal study....and then read Ann Rule novels....and then head out for service :-) It is a pretty simple life but I love it. Hard to believe but in about six weeks we will be the road to Canada for the summer. Pretty excited about it...seeing everyone...and doing stuff - - saw the cutest life jackets for Harvey and Pearl for doing lake stuff. Just to get dad riled I think I should have printed on the back of each one "Wally Kroes is our grandpa". Okay, okay, gotta run...everyone have a wonderful week.
Love to all,
d :-)

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  1. i love the piks ;) .. specially my pik! LOL! :P .. tks..! see ya ..
    karina ;)