Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Had a Great Time in Phoenix

Hi everyone,
I have included a pic of the hotel that we stayed in while up there because for any of you that have pets and travel...or work while on the road like me...this hotel chain is fabulous. It was $65 a night BUT there was no extra charges for Harvey and Pearl, a really nice free breakfast in the mornings, and hardwired internet for those of us that need it for work. And this one in Chandler was central to all the big stores and had TONS of walking for Harvey and Pearl. It really couldn't have been better.

The drive up was longer than anticipated, mostly because we got in the line at the border with a guard that HAD to hassle everyone...and then let them go of course. US border guards just seem to be more difficult to deal with than others - many have something to prove it seems. But on the way back it was great. Fast border, great guards, and nice scenic drive. Found everything I needed while up there too - even a treadmill! Bought it off a good friend actually. Only thing is that I forgot to get the key for it so tht has to be mailed to me. HOWEVER...I love the internet...I went online and posed the question, "what do I do if I lost my treadmill key?" Got tons of suggestions of things that worked for other people - NONE of them worked for me. But I was determined so I went into the kitchen as a last resort and picked up the cake spatula and put it in the slot and wonders of wonders the thing turned on. So now if any of you hear of me being in the hospital with a cake spatula stuck in my forehead you will be able to imagine what happened. :-/ Anyway, I think it will work until the key arrives.

This week back to Bible studies and service. All good things. :-) When I get home this afternoon I am going to try and make PESTO. I have this jar of eggplant pesto from Trader Joes. I forgot to get more when I was up there, so I thought I would try making it from the ingredients printed on the jar. The only other item I forgot to get up there was kimchee. Debbie says there is a store in town that distributes it, so will get next time. I always enjoyed watching TV and nibbling at a jar of it...healthy need to get it here. :-)

Okay, have a wonderful week everyone!

Love to all,
d :-)

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