Saturday, June 5, 2010

We Are On The Road

Hey hi everyone!

We are on the road. Left yesterday morning after work. I thought we did pretty good getting to the border by 12:30 and on our way within 1/2 an hour. I am getting more confident with hooking my unit up. Even though Fausto the park owner volunteered to help me, I asked him to not to so that I can learn how to make sure everything is done right myself. So he though he came out and watched me do things from a distance, he just stayed away until it was finished and then came and eyeballed that everything was in good shape. That really is a great park to stay at - good owners, very helpful. ....The border guards were wondering why I wrote in large letters on my back window "CAUTION, NOVICE RV DRIVER". I am not that bad anymore but I want a wide berth because I don't have a second set of eyes watching for it is better than having written instead, "CHICKEN AT THE WHEEL"...and basically gives people the right to honk at me if I am scaring them - which one Mexican man did when we were going up a winding here. I can be a bit of a line hugger at times and I think I was probably too close to him. Anyways, got here safe. We stayed last night at the SHANGRILA RESORT in Yuma. Absolutely awesome. Harvey and Pearl are beaching their furry bodies on the RV right now as if they are at a club med. It has everything here including excellent TENGO internet, so I highly recommend it. Well, we are off driving the remaining 2 or 3 hours to Palm Springs, so everyone have a great day!

Love to all,
d :-)

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