Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Assembly Starts Tomorrow

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Well I have made it to Abbotsford for the assembly. Can hardly wait. Haven't seen most people for five years and it feels like a long time. I think it took about 35 driving hours to get to Kelowna. It is absolutely gorgeous up there. I can see why many people have moved from the coast up there - good weather and pretty scenery. Harvey and Pearl are having a wonderful time running around mom and dad's back yard. Took Harve all of 2 minutes to figure out the doggy door following Otto around. Pearl as usual is taking a little longer. She actually got out a couple times but then couldn't figure out how to get back in. :-( Anyway, another couple days and I am sure she will master it. :-) Well, I am at the Ramada Inn Conference Center for tonight, and then with Holgates for the other couple nights. Leanne is here from London so it will be super sharing a room with her and catching up. :-) Dad and Mom volunteered to take care of the furbies - first time apart from me. :-/ so a little, not them I am sure...but it will give me time to do some good visiting, so I am very thankful. Anyways, I will update everyone after the weekend. Hope you all are having great assemblies this weekend and this summer and fall too!

d :-)

ps. couldn't download pics off the cam so will have to wait to show you some really cute pics I took - especially the ones of Ethan and Anastasia graduating their kindergarten classes.

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