Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well I Held My Breath And Jumped In

Hey hi everyone, :-)

Long time, no write. It has been a busy month. I got up here and then immediately went back down to the coast for the assembly. It was fannntassstic. I totally enjoyed the spin that was put on certain subjects - so same ideas of course, but just different way of presenting them. It really made me think about some things. One was supporting the Spanish Group while staying here in Kelowna. So I prepped my heart out and went to the meeting tonight - - and answered 3 times! I just thought if I think about how bad my Spanish is I would never get my hand up, so I dived in and had a great time. So now, next to Jehovah God, Google translator is my best friend. I also bought a package on the internet of online lessons called ROCKET SPANISH. It got the best reviews, so I thought I will be the ultimate guinea pig for them. And so far so good, people at the KH actually understood what I was saying. :-/ The other District Assembly thing that stands out in my mind was Ian Livingston's experience. He is an elder in Vancouver. He was saying that he has enrolled as a regular pioneer five times now, and will keep enrolling all the way to Armageddon if necessary. They were saying that too many people have the idea that if you had to go off the list once that it meant circumstances weren't right and wouldn't be again. But it doesn't have to be like that...keep enrolling and one day the circumstances just might be right and you can continue on. Anyways, it was very inspiring.

Staying at mom and dad's is absolutely fabulous. I have seen REALLY BIG deer walking through the back and Pearl and Harvey are loving it. Dad has the whole backyard fenced in with wire squares so they can walk out there safely. However, this week Pearl has taken up nesting upstairs in the house. Doesn't seem to care if I am up there or not. :-( When she hears something interesting she just runs out on the patio to check out the action below. I am glad that they are having such a good time. Harvey has found a fellow crazy dog in Otto. They are both happy to chase tennis balls around. Cheap and easy entertainment. :-)

Well, I am going to veg. Tired and meeting is in the morning. Everyone have a really great week.

Love to all,
d :-)

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