Thursday, January 29, 2009

LIttle Pearl's BIG Miracle.

So much has happened this week. My blog site almost imploded this week - I will tell you about that in a moment. However, first...Mazatlan is really a great place, with great people that live...and visit here. Darlene, Larisa Magnus' mom has been here staying with Mike and Marcelle, and she is a really super person. She has been here for just one week, but the type of person that is game for anything, so lots of fun to have around. Also, Sam and Katy from Winfield, my parents' congregation have been here too, and they have been really nice to have around, and a couple days ago, Dave and Jeanette Small showed up to spend time visiting with Patricia and Alejandro. Today, Patricia organized a daytrip for the entire brood of us. Songtang open trucks showed up to pile us all in. Mike and Marcelle followed behind in the car due to the baby seat situation, but we all went down to the docks, hopped a boat for a coast tour and then were taken to Stone Island for lunch and kayaking, and banana boating, and horse-back riding. I think most everyone is wiped tonight, but it was really a good day.

I wrote before telling you how Pearl was desperately sick and we went to the vet. Well, as I mentioned we found a wonderful vet and he got her all fixed up. But that doesn't compare to what happened two days later. We walked into our pool area and there was an American couple there with a huge German Shepherd, and 100lbs. I saw how big the dog was so I decided to skirt the other side of the pool area so we could get to the gate on the other end so we could get to our condo. We started to creep our way around the pool and suddenly the big black shepherd bolted toward us and was heading toward Pearl. I tried to block him with my body but it was in vain because of his size. He grabbed Pearl in his jaws and started clamping down and swinging her. I was screaming bloody murder and struggling with the dog. Everything was happening so fast but somehow I got my hand into his mouth and he released. He punctured my finger, scraped my neck and clawed my arm but I didn't know until later because of the adrenaline rush. As soon as I had Pearl in my arms I started running toward our condo two blocks away, yelling for my dad to get in the truck so we could get to the vet. When I rounded the corner to our condo he was already at the truck door because he said he could hear me screaming all the way. Because of the blood loss I knew we wouldn't be able to make it across town to the vet I like, but when we were in service the previous day, I noticed a new vet opened in the new mall down the road from us, so dad got us there in record time. He couldn't speak a lick of English, and he looked like he wasn't even 30 years old, but he was a great vet. He immediately got his operating room and utensils ready and starting working on Pearl. It took him two hours almost in the operating room to sew up her internal injuries. Either due to the initial attack or the fear of what Pearl was going through I was shaking uncontrollably. I am so grateful that Gloria West hopped in the truck as we were taking off because she really helped during the whole ordeal. The first 36 hours were horrible for Pearl - it truly is a miracle she is alive, but today she woke up in a perky feisty mood, and she has started to walk around the room a bit - unstable, but at least she's trying. It will probably take another week or so before she is feeling good again. She is stitched to the gills but I imagine in another week those may come out too. For the first three days I felt like I fell down a flight of stairs, but now my finger, and arm and neck scrape have started to heal so I am starting to feel better too. I remind myself that this could have happened in Canada or America too, but I am thankful that the vet care is really good here, and economical. For the work he did on Pearl in America it would have no doubt cost at least $4000, but here it cost $90.

Well, tomorrow I think we have ministry work on the agenda, so that should be lots of fun. We are having really good results so it is such a joy to go out. Also, Mom caught another Corbina on the beach so now she is the talk of the town this woman keeps on catching big fish when they seem to be evading the professional guys. Funny thing is, some sisters in the congregation sent their husbands out to buy them fishing gear and tomorrow morning they are meeting her on the beach for fishing lessons. She is having so much fun with this...and we are eating some really good fish dinners these days too. :-)

Okay, love you all. .... d

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