Saturday, January 10, 2009

Night #1, Day #1

We left Palm Springs at 4pm on Thursday night and drove until 9pm, getting to Phoenix. Stayed at the Motel 6 - very clean rooms again and open arms for the doggies. Otto (my parents dog) and Harvey and Pearl are traveling really good. It is long hours in the car so I am actually surprized. Pearl is fighting addiction again though. :-( Joe gave me a bag of dehydrated chicken jerky from Costco and after just one piece she couldn't control herself anymore. She woke me up three times last night trying to get me to give her more, and when I opened my eyes during the night because I heard rustling I saw she had her head stuck in the duffel where the bag is hidden. If she were a celebrity I'd have to pack her leash and doggy bag and send her off to that Promises clinic for a month (the place they all seem to run when they are fighting one addiction or another). :-)

We entered through Nogales. The scenery of Mexico has been beautiful so far. Very much like Nevada. Going through the border and immigration was a breeze. They didn't even stop us or look at paperwork. The border guards were just super nice about everything. The town of Hermosilla is very clean and I will post some pics of the hotel in my next post - beautiful beautiful beautiful. :-) Okay, have a wonderful day....time to drive again.

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