Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great week here!

It has been such a good week here. I have included a couple pictures of my new neice and nephew - Zane and Alexandra. Tracey and Eric adopted both of them a few weeks ago and they are really happy little ones. Big smiles all the time. Tracey had all five kids at the meeting on Sunday and they did really good. Second row from the front and they played and listened. She said she was worried like no tomorrow that they were disturbing everyone, but you could tell from the response of the brothers and sisters afterward welcoming the new babies that that was the last thing on their minds. The congregation here is really really awesome. Mom and Dad arrived last night from Canada and on Saturday we are starting to drive to Mexcio. It will be the three of us and Harvey, Pearl and their dog Otto also, so it should be a lot of fun going down. Joe typed us out very detailed instructions for practically every mile of the way, so that will help a lot too.

Motel 6 life is going good too. We are walking everywhere and getting lots of exercise because it is so central, and by the time we get back from Mazatlan the RV should be ready, so the timing will be perfect.

Well, better run for the moment...I am off to buy a truck today hopefully. :-)

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