Friday, January 2, 2009

The Potato Truck

Well, we are here in Palm Springs. It is a lot warmer than Korea at the moment so I am really enjoying that. The flight went well, except that Pearl was extra neurotic. I gave her drugs before getting on the plane but I obviously didn't give them early enough. Same as another flight before, I was ready to take all her drugs myself and wake up on the other side. However, the high point to the flight was that I was seated beside a lovely Korean girl and her father that loved dogs and were totally understanding of Pearl sitting on my lap for 98% of the trip. I had my "big-o-tire" coat across my lap so no one could tell she was there. And I have to give the little coot credit, she layed like she was comatose for close to 10 hours. When we arrived here we booked into the Motel 6 downtown Palm Springs - super clean and they love dogs, so it has been great. We have had only one "hitch" to our trip so far. We were supposed to move my travel trailer into Silver Spur Park on Monday but when I arrived at the storage facility I couldn't believe my eyes...there was a huge hole in the left corner. It was one of those moments where I thought the sun was playing tricks on my eyes because I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. After last year when it was broken into the storage people told me something would NEVER happen to it again and that they would watch it extra careful...ya whatever. With wide eyes and flailing arms I went into the office, to find out what had happened and why no one had called me. I will spare you the details of the hideously stupid story I was told, but the main jist of it was that they said it all happened during a wind storm. That must have been one big windstorm to blow a hole literally into the trailer, rip off the hydraulic hitch and cut the power cord to the RV. He could tell by my half-slitted-eyes staring at him that I wasn't buying it. I told him that I believe the windstorm consisted of a bottle of whisky and the bumper of a pickup truck. The tow truck driver and RV repair centre man also got a good laugh out his story too when they saw the damage. I must have looked like I fell off a potato truck for him to try that story. Needless to say after it gets out of the RV repair centre I will be using another storage facility. To be truthful it looks like they tried to strip the wiring. That is big business down here selling it. The high point to this situation is that my insurance is paying for us to stay in the motel now and everything is working out well. So even with some early bumps along the way, we are having a great time. :-) Here is a picture too of the vacuum we used to get the air out of the suitcases. It was awesome. As you can see I use my bike for a pickup truck in Korea, as many people do so it is not strange at all. And lastly is a picture of our assembly day the week before I left. These are some of the brothers and sisters from the Philippines. They have to leave their children to come and work and get some money to survive sometimes. It is a terrible and difficult choice to make, but it reminds me of how both my grandfathers came over from Europe in the early 20th century for the same reasons. Hard choices of life for one's family. last pic...Harvey helping unpack. :-)

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