Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fishing and the Ministry

The last couple days have been great. Mom brought her rod down has been fishing off the beach in front of our place. I'm not that ambitious yet, and am happy just to run or walk up and down the beach with the dogs. She has done excellent and caught two fish that we had for dinner last night. I think they are called Pampona. The neighbor fishes for tuna and showed us pictures of what they caught during the day and they were HUGE - all by standing on the beach.

Harvey and Pearl have been running tons on the beach and are exhausted at the end of each day. At this moment they are flopped like rags beside me. There is grass in the backyard so I am trying to get them to spend some time back there each day too, but for the most part unless I am sitting out there with them they give me the sad eye, and guilt me into bringing them inside.

The city here is really nice. Very clean and lots of colourful little buildings. The streets aren't as busy as I imagined they would be, so I am happy about that. There are many little golf cart taxis scooting people around town also.

I joined the group for ministry work this morning. Our territory was really productive. Dad had a couple nice Bible discussions with a couple men, and I met a young guy on the street and had a nice Bible discussion too. I suppose due to the culture there were many more people at home than I am used to, so it was nice to find someone home at many houses. After having such a good time this morning, I am looking forward to joining the group again tomorrow. The people you see in the pic with mom and dad are Rick and Gloria West. They are from Reno and a super couple. The know Mike and Sue Ellis from up that way too.

Oh, one pic I HAD to show you was the hand dryer in the bathroom at the store here. It feels and sounds like they installed a jet engine in it. It literally dries your hands completely in about 5 seconds flat. It blows so hard that if you put your face in front of it, it will blow your skin backwards. I have traveled to many places in the world and never seen this before, so if you wanna see it you're gonna have to come to Mexico. :-)

Okay, it is early but I am so tired I think I have to start thinking about bed, so I hope everyone has a wonderful few days.

Love, d

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