Sunday, January 11, 2009

We've Arrived!

The 18 hour drive to Mazatlan was well worth it. It is a beautiful place. The drive here was very pretty with good scenery on day two. We also stayed in a really nice hotel that accomodates dogs also. The rooms were pure luxury and after a long day of driving it was so nice to fall onto the bed. The rooms were really large and just really prettily done. It was the Hotel San Sebastian in Hermosilla - cost about $55 US for anyone else that is thinking about driving down also.

The beach here is incredible with very few people so I have been able to let Harvey and Pearl off the leash to run. Because Pearl has never been off a leash before, when I first took her off she still walked right tight behind me for the first 15 minutes and then she gradually figured out that she could run in circles and chase the birds also. I was still careful with her not to get into the tide though because she is so small I could envision her two big ears floating out toward Hawaii. ;-)
I went to the congregation here today also and it was just wonderful. There were 143 in attendance today. 99% brothers and sisters from Canada and America that are here doing the ministry work. The territory is huge, but the results are really encouraging to listen to. I plan on joining them for three days this week, so I am looking forward to that. One super interesting tidbit from the meeting. After, I went up to the literature counter and found that the counter attendant was a 10 yearold boy. He was running everything with no help. I asked Joe about it afterwards and he said that he was able to handle the responsibility so the brothers thought it would be good training for him and let him do it. I thought that was so cool.

Tomorrow we are fly fishing, so we'll see what comes of that also. Last time mom and I fished together in BC a few years back we did not bad - caught a couple salmon a piece as I remember so we can only hope for the same now. ;-) We don't have any bait though so we thought we'd take one of Pearl's weiners and cut it into the shape of a shrimp - gotta be creative ya know. ;-) ...we'll keep you posted on the results of our artwork.

Okay, I hope all is well with everyone. Lots, of love for everyone. - Darci

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