Friday, June 7, 2013

Catching Up

Been a busy time here during the Spring.  Getting some nice hot weather now, but had to go through sheets of rain to get to it. :-(  Harvey and Pearl are doing wonderful.  I have lots of projects going on around my place and they are great supervisors, very watchful but say nothing.  Except for those moments when Harvey thinks I should take a break to throw a ball. :-)  Okay here are some pics of our weekend trip to the mountains.
 Matea and Philip - cutey twosome.

Guess who weren't allowed to mingle during the chili-contest,

 Lauren dirt-biking.

Marcelle and the smiliest kid in the world.  Really he must save his nasty moments for behind closed doors because when he is out and about, he literally smiles all the time. 

The chili judges.  

Dad and Keith cooking their chili.  Pretty yummy.  Liquor, lots of veggies, wild meat and coffee for their secret ingredient.

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