Sunday, June 23, 2013


Well the assembly is over.  Really great.  Of course the full colour drama was the highlight.  And boy was it good.  Yes it was serious, but I always remember things better when there is some humor thrown in, and the brother that played Haman was a real character.  We had leaping and queen-wrestling, and jigging. :-)  It was just excellent - and in the end the lesson really got across to all of us watching.  And it was so funny.  This was the first time I couldn't tell who many of the ones playing the characters were because they body painted everyone and had fantastic wigs.  It was amazing how it changed their appearances.  Anyway, here are a couple pics.  I wish I had more to show but things were moving so fast a moments that unfortunately my camera blurred some good shots.  Anyway, hope all of you that have either attended, or will be attending soon will enjoy yours just as much.  And the last shot is the last shot of Tanya, Tim and the kids...minus the stray Brian...before they take off to hike the Grand Canyon.

Love to all,
d  :-)

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