Friday, May 3, 2013

I Have Six Worms...

I have to share this.  My Friday night Bible study is with 4 families in China.  It is the parents and the children.  So at the end of the study I was telling them that after the study I will play with my dogs.  The kids were so excited to know that I have dogs because none of them do.  So I asked them if they have any pets.  Two families said no.  One boy piped in to say that he has 4 grey fish, and the last boy enthusiastically added that he had six worms that he loved.  The other kids were quick to laugh, but I reminded them all that EVERY pet is special in its own way. :-)  ...but in all of years of talking about pets to people, I have never had anyone tell me that he had pet worms, let alone that he loved them.  Very cute. :-)

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