Monday, December 31, 2012

Having A Wonderful Time Off

I have been off work since Dec 21.  Must go back on Wednesday.  But it has been so refreshing.  However, I have done a lot of shoveling. :-(  Not exactly keen on that part, but it is dry and the snow is white so that is a good thing.  This morning I got up and went to Home Depot for opening time.  Since it is a regular work day for many people I just wanted to wander the aisles quietly and see what things they had on sale.  Found a few excellent buys and now have spent the day installing organizers in closets and a very cool light piece in the kitchen. 

The pups are doing great.  Still dogsitting Otto, but he fits right in so it is nice to have him around.  It is minus six today so we haven't been able to walk, but they don't seem to mind as they are all curled up on the bed at this moment.  Otto has this one quirk: when he rides in vehicles he gets  all whiny and stressed.  Anyway, this vet was talking about something called a thundershirt that puts pressure on the dogs nervous system and makes them totally relax.  So I went out and got him one, and now everytime we go in the truck I put it on and sure enough he rests his little head on the seat and relaxes.  Now he can just enjoy the ride...and so can I. :-)

Well last week I watched that documentary about Joe Cross and his buddy Phil that started eating just veggies and fruits (SICK FAT AND NEARLY DEAD (not me yet, but I thought I would try to head it off :-) ) to cleanse their system and then switch over to a plant-based way of eating, and thought what the hey I would give it a try.  So now I am on day six and I feel great.  It is easy, and the most important thing is that is a logical way of eating.  I had a little extra inspiration to think about health this month.  My neighbor Paul, died.  He was a non-smoker, non-drinker, slim, and not that old, but his heart stopped while he was sitting watching television two weeks ago.  Crazy. Anyways, rather than let moments be accepted and pass with a mere "that's terrible" comment, I think they are good times to think about where improvement can be made.

Well, I am going to get going.  I have a few more things to do around here.  It is supposed to be really cold for the next week so I want to make sure I have things all extra organized with easy access to stuff.  

Okay, have a great week no matter where you are!

Love to all,
d  :-)

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