Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Very Scary Skkiiiidddooo To The Kingdom Hall Today

Well got in my truck this morning and started driving to the meeting.  Thought I was doing good, went down the big hill, no prob.  Then tried to take a left onto Berry Road.  It was then that I knew doing this today was a bad idea...back of truck took off toward the far bank with the fenceline below.  It is funny how a person never notices how steep a bank is until you are peeling toward it.  Anyway, kinda corrected things and ended nose-up on the other corner.  But narrowly missing cars and trucks on-coming was a real heart-thumper.  However, from what I heard at the KH it was a good thing I didn't make that corner because a bunch of cars slid all the way down and were ditched.  One sister said she was sliding straight toward a sister that was walking to the KH and ditched just before she hit her.  She said at that point there was nothing left to do, so she got out and walked to the hall too.  I was more fortunate.  I stuck my arm out the window and waved to a farmer that was out doing something.  I told him that due to my back end position that I would call AAA, but he seemed to think with some wiggling and waggling that we could get back on the road.  And it worked. :-)  Without a second set of eyeballs though, I could never have done that.  In the end I broke a couple traffic rules, but got myself to the parking lot of the Community Hall.  Rather than stress, I decided to walk to the KH because I thought things may look a bit different in two hours when the meeting was over - and really I was too tired to walk home.  Well, it was still snowing after the meeting, but the long route that winds around looked like it might be plowed, so myself and some other decided to use it.  And here I am now frantically eating a peanut butter and banana sandwich.  I know for a fact I will not drive when it is snowing again.  Today was too much of a nerve shattering experience.  So tomorrow morning I am going to put on the boots and walk to the bus stop.  I would rather get the exercise than go through that again.  Just hope the others did okay getting home too.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Love to all,
d  :-)

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